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The Fighting Badger

The Fighting Badger Guards Camp Randall Stadium

The Fighting Badger which guards the front gate of Camp Randall Stadium debuted Sept. 1, 2011. Commissioned by the National W Club, the UW Athletics programís letterwinners association, it weighs in at 600 lbs.

The inscription on the plaque beside the Badger says:
The Badger is known as a fierce animal who savagely protects his home and family. He travels in packs to intimidate his enemies. Combine our strengths, protect this house.

The sculpture began as a clay mold and then was bronzed with colored patina for accent. The artist was Oscar Leon from the Fine Art Studio of Rotblatt Amrany. They also produced the Alvarez and Richter statues and the Michael Jordon statue at the United Center. The artists also provided art for the Packers, White Sox, Bears, Detroit Tigers, Red Wings as well as countless other works around the world.

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