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Border Battle

2014-15  UW 395 - UM 425

2013-14  UW 240 - UM 440

2012-13  UW 315 - UM 565

2011-12  UW 455 - UM 425

2010-11  UW 425 - UM 455

2009-10  UW 330 - UM 550

2008-09  UW 345 - UM 535

2007-08  UW 465 - UM 415

2006-07  UW 445 - UM 435

2005-06  UW 350 - UM 530

2004-05  UW 235 - UM 205

Border Battle

Border Battle Year Six

With the sixth season of the Border Battle competition between the athletic programs at Minnesota and Wisconsin concluded, Minnesota tied the series at 3-3 with a 550-330 advantage in 2009-10. It was Minnesota's second-straight series win having beaten the Badgers 535-345 last year.

The annual battle for border supremacy between the Athletic Departments at the University of Wisconsin and University of Minnesota is determined by awarding points to the school which wins in head-to-head competition, or to the team which finishes higher at the Big Ten championship in the 11 sports in which the Badgers and Golden Gophers don't have a head-to-head competition. The overall winner of the season-long event wins the Border Battle Trophy for display on its campus. The total number of points available for the 29 competitions is 840.

In the 11 sports which compete in head-to-head competition, 40 points are at stake. If the teams meet just once annually (football as an example), then the winner gets 40 points and the loser gets zero. If the teams meet twice (women's basketball, for example), the winner of each game gets 20 points and the losers get zero. If the teams meet four times (men's hockey for example), then the winner of each game gets 10 points and the loser gets zero. If a game ends in a tie, the points are split (20 to each school).

Where team scoring is dependent upon tournament outcomes, 40 points is awarded to the higher finishing school at the Big Ten championship. This affects the sports of men's and women's cross country, swimming and diving, golf, indoor track and outdoor track and women's rowing.

Six sports are sponsored by only one of the institutions and, thus, not included in the Border Battle. Wisconsin has men's soccer, men's rowing and women's lightweight rowing (UM does not), while Minnesota has baseball and men's and women's gymnastics (UW does not).

The Badgers had the advantage in this competition having won three of the first four years. In 2008, the competition came down to the last weekend for the third time. UW scored in 17 events totaling 465 points while Minnesota scored in 15 events for 415 points.

Wisconsin won the inaugural trophy in 2005 by the score of 235-205, while the Gophers tied the series with 530 points to UWs 350 in 2005-06. In the closest competition, the Badgers won the 2007 title by just 10 points after leading most of the 2006-07 sports seasons. Minnesota closed the gap in the final two months to come within 445-435.

DateSport (points available)HostUW PtsUM Pts
Sept. 25Volleyball (20)Minn.020
Oct. 1Women's Soccer (40)Wis.040
Oct. 3Football (40)Minn.400
Oct. 30Women's Hockey (10)Wis.100
Nov. 1Women's Hockey (10)Wis.100
Nov. 1Men's Cross Country (40)Big Ten400
Nov. 1Women's Cross Country (40)Big Ten040
Nov. 6Men's Hockey (10)Wis.100
Nov. 7Men's Hockey (10)Wis.010
Nov. 15Volleyball (20)Wis.020
Jan. 29Wrestling (40)Minn.040
Feb. 4Women's Basketball (40)Minn.400
Feb. 18Men's Basketball (40)Minn.040
Feb. 19Women's Hockey (10)Minn.100
Feb. 20Women's Hockey (10)Minn.010
Feb 20Women's Swimming and Diving (40)Big Ten040
Feb 27Men's Swimming and Diving (40)Big Ten040
Feb 28Men's Indoor Track and Field (40)Big Ten040
Feb 28Women's Indoor Track and Field (40)Big Ten040
Mar. 5Men's Hockey (10)Minn.100
Mar. 7Men's Hockey (10)Minn.010
Apr. 16Women's Tennis (40)Wis.400
Apr. 18Men's Tennis (40)Minn.400
April 25Women's Golf (40)Big Ten400
May 1Women's Rowing (40)Big Ten400
May 2Men's Golf (40)Big Ten040
May 12Softball (40)Minn.040
May 16Men's Outdoor Track and Field (40)Big Ten040
May 16Women's Outdoor Track and Field (40)Big Ten040

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