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Student Football Season Ticket Sales
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two separate on sale dates for undergraduate and graduate students?

After consulting with the Registrar's Office and Enrollment Services, we are confident we can have the most accurate list of full time undergraduate students to run a successful on-sale on June 20.

Likewise, with the differences in time of admissions for full time graduate and professional students, we are convinced we will be able to better service this group of students with an on-sale of July 10, and are confident we will have the most accurate list of full time graduate and professional students.

How was it determined to hold 1700 tickets for the full time Graduate and Professional student on-sale?

We came to this number by examining historical data taken from previous years of student sales.

What are the classifications for Full Time Undergraduate students & Full Time Graduate and Professional students?

Full Time Undergraduate students are classified as taking a minimum 12 credits.

Full Time Graduate Students are classified as taking a minimum of 8 credits.

Professional students are classified by taking the following minimum number of credits: Medical school (8 credits), Pharmacy school (12 credits), Law School (12 credits), and Veterinary Medical School (14 credits).

If I am an incoming student, when will I show up online and be able to activate my account?

Full Time Undergraduate Students will be updated in our system the first week of June. It is our intent that undergraduate students should be able to access their accounts starting June 4, two weeks prior to the on-sale.

Full Time Graduate & Professional Students will be updated in our system near the end of June. It is our intent that graduate and professional students should be able to access their accounts starting June 26, two weeks prior to the on-sale.

What do I need to activate my student account online?

You need your Student ID number. This is often times referred to as a Campus ID number. They are one in the same.

What should I do if I do not have my Student/Campus ID number?

Your Campus ID number should be located on a letter sent out from the Office of Admissions, showing receipt of your application. It is also on your Campus ID card, if you have already attended SOAR. If you are unable to find this information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 608.262.3961.

How fast do you anticipate tickets to sell out?

We strongly urge any students who would like to purchase student football tickets to purchase as soon as tickets go on-sale (Undergraduates June 18, Graduates and Professional Students July 10).

What if I am having problems ordering tickets the morning of the on-sale?

While we will not take ticket orders over the phone, we will be available to work with you to determine why you may be having difficulty purchasing online. Our phone lines will be open at the start of each on-sale, in case you run into a problem. However, we highly recommend logging into/activating your account prior to the on-sale days to reduce the chances of having difficulty ordering tickets. We can be reached at 608.262.1440 or at 1.800.GO.BADGERS.

Will there be any changes regarding ticket distribution on game day?

The distribution system for student football season tickets will remain unchanged for 2012. Student season ticket holders will exchange their voucher for a game ticket which includes a specific section, row and seat number. For more information on game day distribution procedures, please click here.

How much are student season football tickets?

Season tickets are $168, which breaks down to $24 per game. There will be an additional $20 processing fee at the time of purchase.

Will there be any tickets available to students for the football away games?

Away game tickets will be available at the same time as the on-sales. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 2 tickets to each of the away games, while supplies last. Away game tickets will be available for pick-up about two weeks before each game, and we will send purchasers an e-mail notifying them of pick-up availability.

Football Single Game Tickets
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