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The Office of Student-Athlete Development strives to inspire, engage and advance student-athletes through life skills and diversity and inclusion programming. The student-athlete development curriculum includes programming to assist with each student's transition from high school to college, develop them personally, engage them with campus and teach student-athletes the skills to be successful in life after sports.

The Office of Student-Athlete Development focuses on five different content areas. All student-athletes will progress through UW's Student-Athlete Development Curriculum. There are 5 content areas in the curriculum and each student-athlete is required to complete one designated event or workshop per year. In addition to required events, programming is offered in all five content areas and student-athletes voluntarily participate in these programs to enhance their UW student-athlete experience.

5 Content Areas:

  • Personal Development- Preparing to succeed through life skills education beyond the classroom.
  • Community Service- Preparing to succeed through community service involvement in the Madison community.
  • Career Development- Preparing to succeed through the discovery of an individual's career/major interest and preparing for life after the cheering stops.
  • Leadership and Involvement- Inspiring to succeed by providing leadership opportunities for student-athletes outside of the athletic arena.
  • Diversity and Inclusion- Preparing to succeed by increasing the qualitative experience for all UW student-athletes.

Requirements by year:

  • 1st Year Student-Athletes: Attend the Badger Beginnings and enroll in Counseling Psychology 115 - Life Skills Academy
  • 2nd Year Student-Athletes: Personal Development session (varies annually)
  • 3rd Year Student-Athletes: Personal Development session (varies annually)
  • 4th Year Student-Athletes: Enroll in Counseling Psychology 110 - Career Strategies

Student-Athlete Development Curriculum Chart

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