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University of Wisconsin Performance Nutrition Program

"Where little changes add up to big results"

Our Mission:

To provide student athletes with knowledge and skills regarding Sports Nutrition with the end goal being to maximize academic and athletic performance.

Through the cooperation of Food and Beverage, Strength and Conditioning, and Sports Medicine, the Performance Nutrition Program aims to help students develop good nutrition habits that are performance driven. Integrating proper nutrition will not only maximize performance but also help students to withstand the constant demands on an athlete's body. Our focus is to help student athletes develop the necessary skills to optimize both the fueling and recovery periods while being both time and budget sensitive. By understanding what it takes to be an effective athlete at the collegiate level, athletes can be better equipped to take their performance ability into their own hands. This means being able to make meals that not only take little time but are cost-effective as well. This is important because on top of an already busy academic schedule, college athletes have extensive time commitments to training and competing. This leaves little time to plan, shop, and prepare meals. Giving students the necessary materials enables them to be able to prepare more of their own meals and make better decisions about the foods they eat.

Students have the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge through a variety of services offered through the program. These programs are:

  • Performance nutrition seminars
  • Freshman and sophomore oriented sessions delivered during their life skills classes
  • The performance nutrition manual which includes information on how to maximize a student athlete's nutrition opportunities as well as fueling and recovery options
  • A Performance Nutrition Website that allows students to access additional resources
  • Collaboration with UW-Housing to provide performance driven food items in the dorms

Nutrition Web Sites:

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