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The UW Sports Conditioning program incorporates a blend traditional weight lifting, Olympic lifting, and functional strength exercises to enhance athletic performance.

The multi-faceted strength and conditioning program utilizes a variety of facilities and a vast array of equipment, incorporating plyometric boxes, sleds, ladders, etc. With these assets the strength and conditioning staff can implement the newest techniques for strength gains, speed development, and sport specific conditioning.

During the off-season, athletes work on strength improvement, speed, power, agility and sport specific conditioning. The in-season program is devoted to a continuation of strength gains and performance-related conditioning.

Testing measures are taken in a variety of strength, conditioning, and physiological perimeters to identify strengths and weaknesses. This information is used to direct program development, strength training periodization, and athlete motivation.

Additionally, the UW Sports Conditioning team works together with athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and sports nutritionists to maximize the training potential and athletic performance.

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