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Camp Randall Strength and Conditioning

Camp Randall

Video Camp Randall Strength & Conditioning Video

The new Camp Randall strength and conditioning center was completed in May, 2013. The primary occupant is football, and the 17,000 square-foot area can accommodate the entire 120-member football team working out at the same time.

It features five custom-made dual racks, and 10 custom-made half racks. The dumbbell rack has weights from 5 to 180 pounds. There are 12 flat benches in the dumbbell area. It has an exclusive cardio and warm-up area separate from the weight area. There is a centralized nutrition bar which features coolers full of fresh fruit and power drinks as well as the ability to make nutritional shakes to aid in the recovery process.

Teams using this area include football, menís and womenís swimming, menís and womenís track and field, and menís and womenís golf.

McClain Weight Room

McClain-6,000 square feet

The newly renovated McClain strength and conditioning center features three custom-made dual racks and three custom-made half racks. The dumbbell rack features weights from 5 to 125 pounds. Eight flat benches are available for use in the dumbbell area. There is an exclusive cardio area set aside in the weight room as well as a performance station which features fresh fruit and power drink stations.

Teams using the Varsity Weight Room are softball, womenís open and lightweight rowing, menís and womenís soccer, volleyball, menís and womenís track and field.

Kohl Center Strength and Conditioning

Kohl Center

The Kohl Center caters to teams that use the Kohl Center for training. The 2,300 square-foot area includes seven half racks, a dumbbell rack with weights from 5 to 100 pounds, a cardio area and a performance station.

Teams which use this weight room are menís and womenís hockey, menís and womenís basketball, menís and womenís golf and the spirit squad.

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