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Several dentists are involved with our dental program. The dentists provide mouth guards for those sports and athletes the request them. The team dentists assigned to your sport will provide urgent care for athletic related dental injuries. The UW is only able to provide payment for dental care for athletic related dental injuries. Your staff athletic trainer can assist you in coordinating any non-athletic related dental care that you may need.


Athletes suspected of vision problems are referred for examination, Contact Lenses, glasses or goggles can be purchased only if they are needed for competition. Appointments are arranged according to the athlete's academic and practice schedule. See a staff athletic trainer to set up an appointment.

Chiropractic Care

In an effort to provide a full spectrum of care for the student-athlete, the McClain Sports Medicine services also include chiropractic care. Chiropractic evaluation and treatments are available to injured student-athletes through referral of the team physician or staff athletic trainer.

Sports Nutrition

Our sports medicine nutritionist assists in coordinating the UW Sports Nutrition Program. The nutritionist works closely with a variety of other athletic department staff members to provide individual counseling sessions to student-athletes, provide and coordinate supplements, team nutrition presentations, team cooking seminars, and works with the Food and Beverage staff to provide training table meals to student-athletes. Your staff athletic trainer can provide you more information regarding accessing nutrition information or assist you in scheduling and individual nutrition appointment.

Therapeutic Massage

The Sports Medicine Staff has included on-site therapeutic massage in cooperation with the UW Health Sports Medicine Center massage therapy department. This service is available to injured student-athletes by referral through the team physician or staff athletic trainer.

Sports Performance and Physiological Testing

Our Sports Performance program incorporates a variety of physiological testing tools and works closely with the sports medicine staff, strength and conditioning staff, nutrition staff, and coaches to coordinate specific performance programs for each team. The Sports Performance staff also works with other entities on campus and within the UW Hospital System to provide access to cutting edge technology. Types of physiological testing include body composition testing utilizing BodPod or iDEXA, VO2 Max testing utilizing iMet System, Running Gait Analysis, balance and coordination screening, , Physiological testing of teams and individual athletes can be set up to access results of conditioning programs. Testing of athletes can be set up through the staff athletic trainer working with each sport.


The McClain Sports Medicine Center is pleased to have access to an on-site X-ray machine. Athletes who require X-rays as part of their afternoon clinic visit will be able to obtain these x-rays her in the McClain Center. This convenience helps expedite care and saves time for the student-athlete.

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