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Adventures in Dallas: At A2 camp with Anne, Courtney and Ellen

ON WISCONSIN <b>Annemarie Hickey competing in the USA Volleyball A2 team.</b>
Annemarie Hickey competing in the USA Volleyball A2 team.

June 30, 2013

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MADISON, Wis. - Badger volleyball players Annemarie Hickey, Ellen Chapman and Courtney Thomas are spending 10 days training and competing with the USA Volleyball A2 program. The Badgers were named to the 47-player roster that will train and compete through July 4 in conjunction with the USA Volleyball Girls' Junior National Championships in Dallas, Texas.

The players will be sending daily updates from the A2 program with entries on the third entry coming from Annemarie Hickey.

Moving from the dorms to the hotel - Friday, June 28

Hello again from Annemarie down here in Dallas for the Women's A2 National Team. Since we already knew our teams, we started practicing together this morning.

Today was our last day at the dorms! I am not sure if Ellen and Courtney has mentioned anything about the dorms, but to say the least, it was not pleasant. Even though the beds were not comfortable and the sheets would not stay on, we had a great time getting to know the other players in the lobby.

But it was time for us to move to the hotel and start practicing in the convention center for our matches. My team was the first team to leave so we had our team picture in the morning and practice from 9-10. We ate lunch then we were off to the hotel. The drive was not long at all and I got to sit shot gun.. HOLLA!

We arrived at the hotel and had a couple hours to rest, take naps, or do kind of whatever we wanted. Of course I took a nap (they are my favorite!) and the beds were so much better than the dorm beds. 

My team had met in the lobby to ride the DART Train to the convention center! It was our first time practice in the convention center and everyone was watching our court thinking we were trying out for the USA National team or actually thought we were on the National Team. It was kind of over whelming and distracting first playing in there because there were so many teams.

We had practice for about an hour and then headed back to the hotel on the train. My team and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and we had to sit outside! HOLY COW was it hot, but it was great food. After dinner we just headed back to the hotel and passed out to get ready for competition for the next day!

Hope everyone is enjoying out blogs because we are all enjoying our experiences here!



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