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USA National Team tryout adventures III

ON WISCONSIN <b>Annemarie Hickey has led the Big Ten in digs the last two seasons.</b>
Annemarie Hickey has led the Big Ten in digs the last two seasons.

Feb. 24, 2013

MADISON, Wis. - Three members of the University of Wisconsin volleyball team are trying for the U.S. National Team A2 program this weekend in Colorado Springs, Colo. Ellen Chapman, Annemarie Hickey and Courtney Thomas are participating in the tryout from today through Sunday.

Hickey writes about the Badgers last day of tryouts. The 5-9 libero writes about how well they did at the tryout and travel issues coming back to Madison.


Today concluded the last day of tryouts and so far it has been an adventure. The competition has been very competitive and challenging but Courtney, Ellen and I got through it.

Courtney and Ellen both had terrific weekends with their play and really made an impact on the USA staff. They are truly incredible players and deserve every second of it. Although this was the last day of tryouts, this was not the last day in the good old Olympic Training Center.

Once we started to hear about everyone's flights getting canceled, we started to wonder if ours was going to get canceled as well. At first when we checked if our flight was on time, it said it was but about 20 minutes later, (assistant coach) Brittany (Dildine) texted us and told us that we are going to be staying here until Monday.

Courtney, Ellen and I then went down to Brittany's room to talk about our travel plans and we got even worse news. Brittany was on the phone with the travel company and the operator basically said we were hopeless until Wednesday. We all started laughing when we saw Brittany's expression on her face. But we will be back home safely in Madison on Tuesday!

By now, we have had a pretty long day and we pretty hungry. We had asked Brittany if she could take us to get some lunch because we didn't want to stay in the OTC area, we wanted to see what Colorado Springs was all about. Ellen suggested that we go to some restaurant recommended by one of her friends and we were on our way.

Of course, Ellen was sitting shot gun in the car because she was in control of the directions, but little did we know that she was not good at giving directions. Right when we get in the car, Ellen goes "Make a right. Wait not right now! WAIT RIGHT NOW!" We had a great chuckle about it and by this time, Courtney and I were filming our trip to go eat because we wanted to record Ellen's directions.

We had a great lunch together and Courtney, Ellen and I got to learn a lot about our new assistant coach Brittany...needless to say she is a boss. There are still more adventures to come with our stay here at the OTC.

It's a great day to be a Badger!

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