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USA National Team tryout adventures II

ON WISCONSIN <b>Ellen Chapman is trying out for the US National A2 team.</b>
Ellen Chapman is trying out for the US National A2 team.

Feb. 23, 2013

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MADISON, Wis. – Three members of the University of Wisconsin volleyball team are trying for the U.S. National Team A2 program this weekend in Colorado Springs, Colo. Ellen Chapman, Annemarie Hickey and Courtney Thomas are participating in the tryout from today through Sunday.

The three Badgers will each write a journal entry with today’s journal coming from Chapman. The 6-4 outside hitter writes about the second day of tryouts, food at the Olympic Training Center and souvenir shopping.

To start of our second day Anne, Courtney and I headed over to breakfast at 7 a.m., that way we would have plenty of time to eat before our 8 a.m. testing. The food at the Olympic Training Center is surprisingly good; it’s not just the run of the mill cafeteria food they give us. We have so many options for whenever we’re hungry!

After breakfast, we headed over to our testing. We were being tested on a couple of things. One station was testing speed, one was measuring height, one was ball velocity, and the last one was block and standing touch. I was amazed at the technology they had. Some of the devices they had to measure our stats I’ve never seen before! The one that I found the coolest was the ball velocity station. We did our approach and hit a ball suspended as hard as we could, and somehow our ball velocity was recorded.

After our testing, we headed over to practice. Today we were split up into position groups, so unlike our first session, we were more working on skills rather than just scrimmaging. We were all placed on separate courts so after about an hour-and-a-half of doing drills. We ended the practice with doing the traditional vertical jump touch. This one was just measured with a classic vertex. After practice, we headed over to lunch. Another great meal was served!

Once we got back to our dorms returning from lunch, Anne and I decided to take a nap for about an hour before we checked our afternoon schedules. For the night session we were getting split up into two groups – the white and the blue group. Courtney and Anne were put into the white group, and I was in the blue group, the later session. Before either sessions started, we headed over to the gift shop and picked up a couple of sweatshirts! So excited to wear them!

The sessions were tough, but they were fun. It was back to scrimmaging and just playing everything out. I just got back to my dorm and Britt dropped off a camcorder to film us chatting and having fun tonight so keep an eye out for the videos!

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