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USA National Team tryout adventures

ON WISCONSIN <b>Courtney Thomas is trying out for the U.S. National A2 program this weekend.</b>
Courtney Thomas is trying out for the U.S. National A2 program this weekend.

Feb. 22, 2013

MADISON, Wis. – Three members of the University of Wisconsin volleyball team are trying for the U.S. National Team A2 program this weekend in Colorado Springs, Colo. Ellen Chapman, Annemarie Hickey and Courtney Thomas are participating in the tryout from today through Friday.

The three Badgers will each write a journal entry with Thomas writing about today’s travels as well as the first tryout session.

So the adventure begins.

It all started by waking up at 5:15 a.m. on Friday.  (Director of Operations) Jess (Yanz) drove us to the airport hoping we wouldn't get in a car accident (because she did a couple of days ago so us playerws were a little worried). We made it to the airport safely though!

By 7:30, it is time to board the plane to Denver. There was a baby right behind us and about 20 minutes into the flight, and of course I bet you can guess, the baby cried almost the rest of the way to Denver. And all we wanted to do was get some rest! Finally we make it to Denver and had to go to a different gate to go to Colorado Springs. The 20 minute flight from Denver to Colorado Springs was great – short and sweet.

Assistant Coach Brittany Dildine met us at the airport and we started another adventure of driving (because Brittany got into an accident as well a couple of days ago). We ended up going to Olive Garden for lunch which was a great idea!

After lunch was arrive at the Olympic Training Center where we have to check in. Of course, all of us are wondering if we are going to get to room with each other. We get our rooms and none of us in the same room but this means we get to make new friends!

When we get up to our rooms, we all go in but Anne, who is down the hall says, "I think that I am rooming with a guy coach." We thought that was pretty funny! When Ellen opened her room there was stuff in there and we found out she was rooming with the setter from Michigan State, not too bad. When I open my room there is nothing in there. Ellen, Anne and I end up going back to check in to figure out Anne's room. It ends up they gave her the wrong room and she is actually with me! Yahoo!

We get back to our rooms and just hang out until we start our first session which was at 4 p.m. We get to the gym, put our stuff on and we are ready to go! For this session, we just played six-on-six so the coaches could evaluate everyone. We all had fun and our first session was a good experience because playing with the best players in college is a lot of fun! After the session, it was dinner time and relaxing time.  Today was a good day!

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