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Post-match quotes: Wisconsin vs. Florida State



Dec. 13, 2013

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Wisconsin Post-Match Quotes

Head Coach Kelly Sheffield opening statement:
"We came out and battled. Game one, we jumped on them. I think our lefts (side hitters) had a little bit of a tough time coming out of the gate. They got blocked quite a bit early on. To their credit, they stayed with it. That was key. If you have your lefts doubting themselves or getting overly frustrated and not staying with it, you're going to have a tough time winning the match. That was the huge key--those two staying with the process and keeping battling and working different areas of the court."

"I thought Lauren (Carlini) was great. She owned this match with her distribution and making some really tough plays and recognizing when Florida State was making some of its adjustments. She was really, really good. Florida State is a really good team. They've won a lot of matches. They're one of the best serving teams we've seen all year. To be able to hit .279 against that block with that kind of serve, you sit there and say, `Our passers must have done a really good job and been locked in.'"

Sheffield on if he knew how good this team could be:
"We never talked about placing in the conference or how far in the tournament. We knew we had talent. We knew that we were going to be good. I didn't want to put a ceiling on this team by saying, `This is what we can do.' We can shoot higher than that.

"The only thing we talked about from day one was dream big, see yourself doing great things, believe in it, believe in each other. Let's buy in, let's make sacrifices. Let's handle the adversity that's going to come our way.' It's a real tribute to these guys. They believed in that, and they've owned it."

Freshman setter Lauren Carlini on the play of Dominique Thompson and Ellen Chapman:
"They were both demanding the ball, and they were both hot hitters tonight. They wanted it."

Ellen Chapman on adjusting to Florida State's block:
"I think it took a little bit to get in a groove and see where they were blocking, to get to the point where I could see the block. I was trying to go hit the ball at the beginning. I think it took me a while to get the feel for the ball and that type of stuff."

Dominique Thompson on what was the difference in the match:
"We were given a really good game plan. To know the shots that are open and being patient and watching what you have, that was important."

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