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Nov. 18, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Post-match Quotes
vs. Nebraska
Nov. 18, 2012

Head Coach Pete Waite

Opening statement:  “Nebraska is a good team. I think today we definitely needed better production out of our left sides so we just didn’t really get to a spot where we were able to finish things off, especially in the second (set).

“I think that was an important set for us. We were up 13-6 and we didn’t continue to push and keep that point spread. That’s the biggest thing. Nebraska was able to work their way back into the set and the match. That would have been a big momentum swing for us to get that (and) going into the locker room being 1-1.”

On the team’s play in the second set

“After (Nebraska) gained a couple of points, we started getting a little more cautious and we were tipping and off-speeding (our hits) more than we should be. At that point, you’ve got to stay aggressive and bang it off the block and hit shots and we didn’t.

“Bit by bit, they started gaining more confidence because for a while there they were a team that didn’t look too confident over there as we were playing really well. We certainly weren’t playing out of our heads at that point but it was too big of a swing, high low for us. We need to stay more steady and be consistent with our play.”

On the team’s attack errors:

“I couldn’t tell you. It is something we talked about in the locker room. We knew we were high error even to start the match. That just shouldn’t happen. (It) doesn’t matter who is on the other side of the net, you still play the game. You always play and you tool the block and you hit the corners and hit them where they ain’t. Unfortunately we hit them where they ain’t and that was sometimes that was out of bounds. “

On the team’s defense:

“They’re a pretty good serving team. There’s just times that it’s going to be off. I don’t think that was a major factor in the game. I see we also out blocked them 9-5 which is good, but it’s more the hitting errors that causes that.

“When the long rallies were going, I think Nebraska was winning those and that’s the key point. You can’t just expect the play to be over in one attempt on your own side. You’ve got to keep going and going, and grind it out and I think (Nebraska) did that. They made a few pretty special plays. Hannah Werth made some big plays over there defensively and they kept their hitting percentages up. It’s about our defense improving and we’re going to keep working on it and get the attitude of nothing hits the ground (and) we’re popping everything up.”

On the difference in the match:

“If you look at the digs, digs are close (and) we out-blocked them, but if you look at hitting errors, we had seven more attack errors than they did and that makes a difference right there.

Senior Alexis Mitchell

On the team fixing the hitting errors

“I think as hitters we have to stay aggressive but just be smart. Knowing where to hit the ball when we’re one on one, just putting the ball away, hitting a smart shot and still staying aggressive. I don’t think we need to back up on the aggressiveness at all. It’s just being smart and knowing where to place the ball.”

Junior Julie Mikaelsen

On the team’s communication errors:

“It’s just about being aggressive. We just need to call out the ball and take the ball. That’s what we’ve got to do.”

Senior Bailey Reshel

On turning around and playing Minnesota on Wednesday:

“Just go after it, the season is fast. It sucks, it was a tough game but we’ve still got a chance at the tournament and the biggest thing is to move forward. Like we’ve already talked about being aggressive right off the bat.”

On Nebraska’s defense:

“(It’s) no tougher than any other team. I just think that like coach already said they needed more from us and we didn’t really execute as well as we should have.”

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