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Oct. 28, 2012

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Post-match quotes vs. Northwestern
Oct. 28, 2012

Head coach Pete Waite

Opening Statement:  “It’s definitely disappointing to take that loss today. We rode a roller coaster of level of play – we were really good at times and off at other times. If you look at the stats, we were outdug by 20 and maybe that was difference. We needed to be more consistent in just about every category today. I think we missed an opportunity to separate ourselves from some of the teams in the conference with a win.”

On the team’s inconsistency:  “We just keep working on things in practice with our consistency. It’s up to the players. They know they are very capable of playing really good ball. They have to go after things with an eagerness and confidence of wanting to be great and hating to feel like this after inconsistent play. It’s one thing if you play a great game and you’re down to the wire and lose to a team but we were so up and down. We have to stay playing the good consistent ball that we know we are capable of to compete in the Big Ten.  Because anybody can beat you any day of you’re not consistent.”

On the slow start: “I don’t have an answer. That’s how strange it is that we beat them a game 25-9 in the third set. We definitely geared up as we got going. In the second (set), we had to fight for that one, got it, really grabbed the momentum and went into the third and crushed them. We came back in the fourth and did not maintain that consistency. Northwestern got back on track and they pulled it out.” 

On Northwestern’s comeback in the fourth set:  “I think they attacked the middle pretty well in transition. They set their middles and even though they didn’t pound, they swatted it around pretty well and scored because if you look at their two middles, they put good numbers—15 kills, one error (and)  16 kills, four errors. That’s very good.  Maybe that’s what they said to their players, attack the middle more.

“Early in the first set I thought they were attacking our left side block more and that was working for them. But I agree with Anne, a lot of it was on our side of the net. Teams can still attack you and they can still score and get their numbers, but you have to bring it right back with consistent play. And we just, a couple times, made some errors that were critical. We had eight service aces, but seven service errors, so you have to balance that out a little better. I do like these eight service aces and our block was good today. We have to take some of those positives from the game and keep building on the other things.”

Alexis Mitchell

On the team’s energy:  “We just started off slow and there was nothing we could do about that. We just came back and played better in the next two sets and we kind of went back and forth in the fourth, so it’s just the inconsistency across the board. It’s various things. There’s not one thing you can pinpoint as to why there’s inconsistencies.”

On whether nerves played into the last set: “No, I just think in a fifth set, being up 12-10 is a huge advantage, but at times it can be also be a disadvantage because in the fifth set, things can change very quickly as you just saw happen. And I think we maybe got a little tense at that point and some bad things happened. But we just have to do a better job bouncing back right away because it does go really fast even though it’s 15 points. The momentum can swing with just one play.”

Annemarie Hickey

On the difference between first and third set:  “Just coming together as a team. We kind of broke down in the first game and we didn’t really know what to do or say to each other. After we got our confidence back after winning that second game, we knew that we are a good team and we’re capable of beating anybody and I think that was the difference—having the confidence that we can win and we are a better team than we were playing.”

On the biggest challenge defending Northwestern: “I don’t think there was a really big challenge. Their hitters put up some big numbers. I think that we need to do a better job on our side just going for more balls and not looking at them and being more aggressive. Our block did a great job tonight with 11 blocks and they set up a great block for us. I think we just needed to be more aggressive and have confidence back there.”

Bailey Reshel

On how important winning the second set was: “Any win is important when it gives you momentum and that was something that we struggled with in this game. So it was huge.”

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