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Quotes vs. Indiana



Oct. 19, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Quotes vs. Indiana
Oct. 19, 2012

Head Coach Pete Waite

Opening Statement: “We knew Indiana was a good team even though their record didn’t show it. They are maybe one of the hottest teams in the conference now after beating Purdue and coming up here.

“Looking at the stats, we beat them in almost every category. But I think it was a case where they did a good job moving the ball around on the serve, short (and) deep, and were really hitting their lines on a lot of their shots. I thought they covered really well. Normally, we would have gotten three or more blocks but they just really covered the ball well, kept the ball in play and kept scraping.

“It was definitely frustrating. Ellen (Chapman) had a great night and we had some others in double-digits kills but not high hitting percentages, and I think that is what we needed to do to beat this team tonight.”

On what was the difference in the second set after winning the first:

“Each game, both coaches put in different line ups, and you rotate them sometimes. I think they rotated theirs so it was different matchup. It wasn’t just different matchups at the net but even in their serves and who was receiving for us and they got pretty hot in that way and it worked out better that way. In the third game, I rotated again, she rotated a little differently. I thought it was a little better matchup and that was big in the third. We came from behind and battled and had a shot at set point in that and if you win that one, it is a big difference going into the fourth, but we just weren’t quite able to close that one out.”

On what he said to the team after the second set:

“Just get back on track, not to be frustrated or down because you lost that one set. We did really well in the first and had the momentum so we were certainly capable of coming out and doing that again in the next set. I think we have to get a lot better at the starts of each game. We seem to be starting from behind and then getting momentum and getting going. But that’s draining and it can be pretty exhausting doing that all the time. Coming back like that and coming off a match from two days ago, they looked a little tired but that’s no excuse. We had a shot at the third and had we done that, it would have been a different story.”

On the miscommunications during tonight’s match:

“There were more than normal, I don’t have an answer for that. Some people were just hesitating and they would both go, then both hesitate, and then there was the problem in between. Normally they would blend better together and communicate a little bit better but for some reason, it just wasn’t happening on a few points and that is critical because in rally scoring, it is a point automatically for the other team. Then there is a little doubt between our team and our players, so that is something they have to iron out and make sure that they are more aggressive, more loud with everything they are doing.”

On Indiana’s Jordan Haverly:

“She is a great player, we’ve known that for years. She had a lot of different shots. She doesn’t just have one tendency you can key on. If you take her cross court, she will tool you on the line and those tool shots are the toughest ones because you can’t dig them because they are deflecting somewhere else. She just has a real knack for swinging at the ball, and she is the kind of player that will have really great matches or really average matches and tonight she had a really good match.

On the second straight match with an opponent having double-digit aces:

“Clearly the service receive has got to improve and tonight I think Indiana really brought it. We have been working on that a lot in practice so it is a matter of the players stepping up and learning and improving as the season goes on because that is clearly something that is causing some issues with points. For (Indiana) that is probably one of their best (performances of the season as far as 11 aces, five errors. That is a great percentage for a team, so we can’t let that happen.”

Sophomore Ellen Chapman

On her performance in the first set:

“I think Courtney did a really good job of pushing the ball out. A lot of times when the ball is set outside, I can hit over the block, which is what I try to do, but it doesn’t always work.”

On what needs to change going into next week:

I think we just need to learn how to finish games, We need to learn how to finish a match and push through the long rallies.”

Senior Alexis Mitchell

On the key to get the team more consistent:

“Making those good flashes something that is consistent. When we are playing well, we just need to sustain it and keep it consistent. That is something that each individual has to do and that is when we are playing our best – when we are relaxed and we are all doing our job. We just have to make sure that we continue to do that and we’ll do well.”

On team being more tense after first set:

“I think we just put pressure on ourselves when we get in hole, and then you do tense up normally when you put pressure on yourself. We just have to find a way to let that pressure go and play our game even when we are down because we’ve shown that we really do like playing catch up sometimes. We just need to work on getting out, getting a fast start so that pressure won’t exist.”

Junior Annemarie Hickey

On the late comeback in the third set:

“It was pretty frustrating going up that high. We had at least two game points that we didn’t finish out and I think we can’t let that affect our next game. We had two opportunities to win the whole match or even the next game. I think that we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves saying that we have to do all this stuff, when really we should just go out there thinking that, ‘Okay, that is a game that we just loss but we still have other opportunities that we can win.’ We just all need to have confidence and play together and know that we can do it – believe in ourselves a little bit more than we do and just know that our teammates have our backs.”

On disappointing loss of third set and going into the fourth set with heartbreak:

“I will be honest, I had a little bit of heart break, but I knew that I had another chance to come back and do a lot better for my team and my teammates had my back too. I just wanted to win and I was doing everything in my power to do that. I tried to keep my team up and I think that other people did step up but we need to have the whole entire team there and have that whole entire confidence with us there too. “

On having new players in the back row:

“I think one thing is we just need to be more aggressive. We can’t be looking at balls or talking all the time, one person just needs to go for it and just be really aggressive. There are some players that haven’t played (who) were playing tonight but I have complete confidence in them and I think that is what they have to have too. Jules had a great night – she had 15 digs – and Deme had a great night too – she had 18 digs. I think that we are doing a great job of working around together. It’s just those little spurts of where we are watching those balls is what we need to fix.”

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