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Oct. 7, 2012

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Post-match quotes vs. Michigan
Oct. 7, 2012

Head Coach Pete Waite

Opening Remarks:
“I really liked what I saw out there out of us this afternoon. It’s what we’ve always been capable of. It was the consistency we’re looking for in the passing, the defense, the attack percentages and that made for a good afternoon for us.”

On the difference between today and Friday:

“I think we served tougher. I think that kept Michigan out of their offense and the things they wanted to do. Defensively, we had double-digit digs out of Courtney, Jules and Annemarie and that was solid for us. Overall, just a good balanced team effort and that’s what we always aim for. I told the team after the match I think given the losses we’ve taken, had we played like that we’d get wins in those matches. So that’s what we’re looking to do as we work after this match.”

On the team’s defense:

“Part of that is blocking, today’s blocking numbers were not as high. I think Michigan was making some hitting errors but that was due to us serving tough and them struggling with some of those receptions. But it’s a focus of what we do all the time is our defense and our blocking.

“I think with Jules (Mikaelsen) out there, and that’s something we tweaked this week, getting her in the back row more it also gives us an offensive option in the back on the right side that we had not been using before and she’s done well there.”

On the setting of Courtney Thomas:

“I think Courtney did play a better match tonight, I think she found the middles, especially Alexis (Mitchell), much more in transition and you have to be a risk taker to do that. When she does that it opens it up for Alexis, it opens it up for the outsides and really worked well this afternoon.”

On the team’s blocking:

“I think we deflected more balls. When we deflect and slow it down that’s all, it doesn’t count in the score sheet but it’s just as important. When you can do that and I think we did a good job of that today.”

On the team’s back-row defense:

“I think that move we made with Jules going to the back row also put Caroline from the right to the middle back and Caroline (Workman) and Annemarie (Hickey) dig well next to each other. That’s what she was saying, they communicate well and their both really mobile back there so I think that’s made a bit of a difference too. We dialed that a little differently, worked well.”

 On the team avoiding unforced hitting errors

“We talk about it all the time, not giving any easy points to the other team. Sometimes in the past, people have been trying to force some extra hard shots or swings and then their arm comes through a little too fast (when) the ball hasn’t even arrived yet basically. I think they were just much more composed today and they weren’t trying to force things and it just came naturally.”

Sophomore Setter Courtney Thomas

On her setting today:

“I’d say it starts with our passing I thought Anne and our passers dug really well tonight and our passing was really good. When we’re in system I always feel in sync with them I never really feel out of sync but we just hit well.”

Senior middle blocker Alexis Mitchell

On the teams’ blocking:

“I think we have been doing a pretty job blocking. We just really got in their faces early in the match and they struggled. I think they started to get pretty tentative. They started rolling and tipping a lot of balls so we didn’t get a ton of blocks, it was only seven to six but I think we just made them hit the balls to our diggers and they were digging up a lot of balls.”

On her leading the team in kills:

“We talked about the diggers and the digging and the passing was really on point today and I was just working on getting up quickly because I knew that I could beat their middles if I was running fast and Courtney was just finding me in the air. We were really connecting today and it worked out pretty well.”

Junior libero Annemarie Hickey

On the team’s back-row defense:

“You’ve heard from previous players that we dug really well tonight and I think our game plan was just out dig them. Always go for the ball, never look at a ball, never let it drop and I think that we did that really well today. Me and Caroline were talking a lot in the back row together. Courtney and Jules were digging a lot of balls in the right back for us, which helped us a lot. I think each game we just need to get better.”

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