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Post-match quotes vs. Ohio State



Sept. 29, 2012

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Volleyball Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Ohio State
Sept. 29, 2012

Head coach Pete Waite

Opening Statement: "The first two sets were tough. I think in ways there might have been some hangover from the match last night, just as far as not being in rhythm, not being confident. It took them a while to become a team again.

"We talked in the locker room (between sets two and three that) we were fighting each other more than we were fighting the opponent at that point and we had to just come back and totally turn things around and part of that was just our frame of mind.

"I think they did a great job of that. Obviously in the fourth, they come out … You would have thought that we would be down and out in three sets, but we came out in the third and did a nice job of just playing the way we're capable of playing and we know we can do that. I think it came down to the end, just a few too many errors - disciplinary errors and things like that.

"We've been better in the past, but Ohio State is a good team and they took advantages of some of those things. Just looking at the stats, for us to beat somebody in blocking 15.5-9, that's very good. It’s just there's other aspects of our game that we have got to improve on."

On what needs to change for Michigan State:

"It's still going to be our consistency in all aspects, I think in our serve receive especially. When we pass the ball well, we are able to run our offense successfully and we beat a lot of teams, but it comes down to if we're inconsistent, that makes it tough."

On his timeout talk in the fourth set:

"I think a lot of it is just relaxing and playing our serve-receive game, making sure the setter gets the ball so she can run our offense. It's not real fancy out there. A lot of times it's relieving the pressure from the players and getting them to relax a little bit and not press each other so much. And when they do that, they play really well."

Alexis Mitchell

On Wisconsin's hitting struggles:

"I don't think that the opponent was really a factor in us changing our game. We just knew that last night we weren't hitting in the way that we should be hitting and we just wanted to improve on that. I think that our passing was a lot better tonight than it was last night. We were handling balls really well, so we were able to get a lot of one-on-one blocks and put the ball away more."

On the team's consistency in attacks:

"Just putting the ball away when you get set. It's a lot with first-ball kills, so when I am getting set, I need to put the ball away and be smart. Not every ball is 'bangable', so you have to hit shots and use your tips and play a game with the other team. I think we can work a lot on that in practice this week and come out this weekend and do a better job putting the ball away."

Annemarie Hickey

On the team's slow starts in sets:

"I think just coming out strong. I think that we've shown in the past that we can start off strong. We have recently just been struggling with that and I think that it starts with everyone coming together as a team. I think that we did that a lot better in the third game. We just needed to keep it consistent. It all starts off with a pass, which we did a lot better tonight and I was really proud of that."

Crystal Graff

On her hitting improvement in the third set:

"I think I just had more of a sense of urgency, I knew that someone had to step up and help the team come together a little bit more. I think that I was trying to lead by example to get the game started and hopefully bring some energy to the team."

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