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Post-match quotes vs. Penn State



Sept. 28, 2012

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Wisconsin vs. Penn State
Postgame quotes
Sept. 28, 2012

Head coach Pete Waite

On the match…

“I thought we played well the first two sets, not our best, and that made us come out of the locker room thinking if we played a little bit better, we’d get the next set and it ended up being the reverse.

Penn State played really well. We really never got on track in the third set and just could get no rhythm going. They proved why they’re the No. 1-ranked team right now. They’re very effective with their shot location, the height of their hitters’ reach, and everything they’re doing. But, I also feel we’re a much better team than we showed, especially in that third set.”

On what he said to the team during the two timeouts he took in the third set…

“Like we always do, just we need to serve and receive the ball better, to be able to run our offense, and be aggressive. We’ve been in that position before and we’ve made huge comebacks before. But it just kept snowballing. Penn State got hotter and got more loose, and we got a little tight and tentative out there, and that’s not what we want to be doing.”

On what made Penn State’s offense so effective…

“I think the hitters No. 1. It’s a extremely tall lineup, so they’re reaching high, going over the top of the block often. They found the sidelines, and whether it’s tennis or volleyball, if you’re finding the sidelines it’s hard to defend all those spots. Where a lot of teams, they have some tendencies, these players hit a lot of shots in different directions on the court, so it’s hard to defend.”

On Penn State’s runs in the second and third sets…

“I think those runs were Micha Hancock serving the ball, and she’s probably the best server in the country. The power, the lefty going right to left, is different than most right handers going the opposite direction, so it throws everybody off a little bit more than normal. And I think, in the second set for sure, we were at 10-10 (actually 11-11), and then all the sudden they were at 15-11 (16-11). They started pulling away right there with her serving the ball.”

On if this outcome will affect the team’s play tomorrow night against Ohio State…

“I hope not. We already talked about that. We have to leave this behind us. This game is history; we move on, it’s a new team. Tomorrow, that team will not be bringing what Penn State brought tonight. Ohio State is very, very good, but we’ll be a better team tomorrow night when we walk on the court.”

On the team’s blocking effort…

“I thought we blocked pretty well. The biggest thing, again, was when we were receiving the serve and running our own offense. I think when they had the ball, we did a good job defending at the net. But for the difference in size, I thought we did really well. I think the players really worked hard to get their blocks closed, hands across the net, and seal things up.”

On how the team will prepare for tomorrow night’s game against Ohio State…

“Wake up tomorrow and start a new day. That’s all. We’ve been training all season and we’ve been playing a lot of good ball. You just forget about this. We’ve done this to teams too. There are times when you get hot and everything you do works and the other team just can’t get it together, and it was reversed tonight. We’ll get out there tomorrow night and play better ball.”

Junior Annemarie Hickey

On defending Hancock’s serve…

“I think that we practiced all week on passing tough against Micah’s serve. We had a couple people from our staff working with us. She did a really nice job. She’s a really great server and I think that we just let up a little bit at the end. We really needed to stay positive and have a little more confidence, but it shouldn’t affect our game tomorrow, and we should come back tomorrow and do a lot better.”

Senior Alexis Mitchell

On the game plan going into the night…

“I think our game plan was just to play our game. I think that we hung with them the first two sets, obviously. Then in the third set we just didn’t stick to what we were supposed to do and what was working for us. We got a little bit out of our comfort zone and they played well. You have to hand it to them, they’re a good team and they proved they’re the No. 1 team. But, I think if we just stick to our game plan tomorrow then we’ll come out on top.”

On hitting better in the second set…

“I think it is just hitters have to be aggressive. I don’t think that we came out very aggressive the first set. Obviously there’s passing and everything else involved, but as hitters we have to put the ball away. I think in the second set we were closer because we were hitting shots. Crystal did a great job on the outside hitting down the line over Hancock. It kept our offense in line. She was getting a lot of one-on-ones and putting the ball away, and we can do that pretty much any time we play, and I think we’ll see a lot more of that tomorrow.”

Sophomore Courtney Thomas

On trying to stop Penn State’s momentum during runs in the second and third sets…

“They are a good team, so they’re going to be very aggressive. But, we can’t worry about what they’re doing on the other side. We have to worry about what we’re doing on our side of the net.  I think it’s focusing on our side and knowing we can get that next point.”

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