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Match quotes vs. Penn State

ON WISCONSIN <b>Head coach Pete Waite</b>
Head coach Pete Waite

Sept. 26, 2010


Post-match quotes

Wisconsin head coach Pete Waite

Opening statement: "I give credit to Penn State, they are a very good team. They do a lot of things well in every aspect of the game and unfortunately I didn't think we played our best ball at times out there. At times, our ball handling was not as sharp as it was Friday night and that took us out of our offense that we like to run. I think overall when we look at the three sets, we improved our points in each one, but we still never really got our engines going and play the way we think we can."

On what he took away from today's match: "I think we have to learn that we can't give them points because of the uniform they are wearing. We still have to play our game on our side of the net well. That's the thing about our sport. When it's on your side, you can make good quality plays and I think if we do that, then we're in the match with them. At times that yes, they did some great things, but other times it was more our side of the net, we were making some errors that made the game easier for them."

On the team's demeanor heading into today's match: "I'd say we were hesitant at times. You can't be that way in any sport. You have to be aggressive and we talked about doing that in every aspect, serving tough and passing well, attacking the block and not avoiding the block. All those things come into play in a match like this so there can't be any hint of hesitation on the team and we did see that some."

On what the team needs to work on for Illinois: "I think we've got a stretch here of matches where there are some very good teams that we are playing. We have to stay super aggressive and go after them because our backs are against the wall. We have to fight to beat them. We can't just rest and relax or be cautious with anything we do. We have to make quality touches with everything we do. It can't be anything that's average to compete with these teams. Every pass needs to be solid. We can't break down and being in out of system plays on a regular basis. They are totally capable of it and we've seen them do it, but that's what they learn from this. They don't get points for what jersey they are wearing, you need to make them earn points and then we'll be in these matches and keep going because they Big Ten is tough and we want to get those wins."

Dominique Thompson

On anticipating playing Penn State for the first time: "For me it was really exiting. I knew that we had been practicing and we know we can measure up to them. I was really excited to play them."

On playing Penn State for the first time: "They are just another team. I think we did play timid like Pete had said and we need to treat them just like any other team, no matter what name is on their jersey."

Allison Wack

On Penn State winning long rallies: "It's for sure hard to play against a scrappy team. It makes the hitter think about hitting a different shot or do something different to throw them off. It seemed like some balls were down, but they were there and they are a super scrappy team. I think the biggest part is just staying confident as a hitter and going after it and not being timid."

On why Penn State is so good: "I think they have some really athletic girls on the team that just make plays you don't necessarily practice against or see very often. I think their best thing is just that they are a super confident team. We were shaking them a couple times, but they came back, they were swinging hard and they never got really timid and I think that's something we did when they put pressure on us.

Kim Kuzma

On how the team can get back on course: "We always watch film on Monday and see what we can do better and what we did do well. I think a lot of it is watching film and knowing that we can play better. Obviously, this wasn't our best match. We played much better on Friday, I played a lot better on Friday. A lot of it is just coming into the match ready to play whoever it is. Not just because it's Illinois and they're great, but being ready to play because we want to win. I'm sure it's going to be a lot of ball handling and just going after all the stuff we really do and even the easy things too that we need to work on. Just getting ready for a team that's tough but a team that we can play against."

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