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Head coach Pete Waite

Opening Statement: "I'm really happy with the win tonight against Milwaukee - traditionally a very strong team, often (Horizon League) champions and a very, very scrappy team (that is) well coached. I was really pleased with our passing, throughout the weekend.

"I think were getting more and more solid with our serve receive and that's important for our offense. I think our passers are doing a great job and we had some players really step up for us and do some nice things.

"This was one of the best weekends of Julie's career and it was nice to see, fun to watch."

Coach you guys have been down this weekend 7 out of the 9 sets you've played how have you guys been able to turn it around mid set?

"I think the nice thing is we're not getting flustered and they're keeping our composure and bit by bit they're fighting their way back and that's important. Sometimes your game isn't quit there or the other team is hot and they're getting some breaks and as long as you hang in there and keep fighting, good things happen.

"We've talked about that for a long time and we're really starting to see that and there definitely were a number of cases this weekend where they came back from behind and had to fight to get the win, to finish but they definitely got it done."

Coach, going back to the N.D. State game, you guys got down early in the first set and came back from 6-16 and then Bailey played a big role in coming back and had a few kills.

"She's done a really nice job in a lot of situations for us.  She just keeps getting stronger and more confident out there. She's battling some injuries that she's working through but (she's) playing well despite of them so I'm really pleased with what she's doing. Along with other outsides, we have a good core of outside hitters that can take their share of swings and do a good job with them."

After you swept N.D. State earlier today, what'd you say and what'd you guys do to keep that momentum going in tonight's game.  

"All you can do is rest up for the next one, watch the scouting report, look at the tape and get prepared to play again. Obviously, it was a really similar type of team Milwaukee and North Dakota State played five (sets) til the very end and battled it out and we battled with each of them. We got it done in three (sets) but we knew it was going to be a battle each time. We're just looking for consistency and the fight that's always there - working even when you're up, to keep pushing and not let up at all. Those are all challenges for a team to work through during the preseason and preconference play like were doing."

With a (opponent) hitting percentage just above .100, what do you think was working on the defense tonight?

"If you look at stats of our three main defenders that are also our passers - Deme, Caroline and Annemarie - those are good numbers. Now our goal would be for our other players to get good numbers too but those players are helping us out back there and I also wanted to say Crystal (Graff) did a really good job in the back row she's a really good defender."

What do you guys need to adjust moving forward to the conference season, what adjustments do you need to make?

"Keep getting stronger in blocking. We need to be closing the block and getting our hands across the net.

"Offensively, we hope to put a few new wrinkles in the offense maybe a few new plays in there for different people to mix it up a little. Now that we're getting closer to conference, people will get out tapes and be reading what we've got so we need to bring some new things."

Senior Bailey Reshel

How big is it for you guys to win a tournament on your home court early in the season?

"It's huge. It's our first home tournament (and) it's important to win here. We've decided we don't ever want to lose here period.  We'll do whatever it takes to do that and we did that tonight. There were a lot of scrappy plays. It wasn't always pretty, but we had to make sure that we took our first one home."

I also noticed there aren't a whole lot of freshmen playing so how much of an advantage is it since you guys know each other and you've played together and been in the system.

"I personally thought it was a nice thing to not have too many freshmen because we can just pick up from last year. It's nice to get new big players but it's also nice to just not have to worry about incorporating new people so we can just pick up right from where we left off. We all know what page we need to be on and what we need to do to get where we want so."

Bailey, you also came out strong in the first set. What is your key to doing that?

"Don't go into it too stressed out. Stay as relaxed as you can. I just really like to have fun and not get too stressed out. My mentality is just play for the fun of it and it seems to work out."

Junior Julie Mikaelsen

With a (opponent) hitting percentage just above .100, what do you think was working on the defense tonight?

"I think the players in the back row were doing a really good job of talking to the blockers and doing a really good job of working together really well. Compared to what we've done earlier, we've been working a lot with this in practice and it's showing in matches."

Sophomore Courtney Thomas

The last couple of sets against Milwaukee, you guys were tied late in the game. What was the strategy? What did you guys do differently to try and finish up the se?

"I think we just talked about first ball kill in serve receive and we have to run a play we just try to execute it every time. We work on it in practice all the time."

What do you guys think about the ball control and passing today?

"It was good. I mean we were digging a lot of balls this weekend. As a setter, if (the ball is) out in the middle of the court, I'm happy as long as we get it and we're going to get a kill out of it."

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