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Post-match quotes vs. Drake



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Head Coach Pete Waite

Opening Statement: I’m happy with our start. I think in each of the games, we were really slow out of the gate but I think that there might be a little first-time-at-home jitters. Sometimes that happens when they’re playing a little over excited (and) not at the level they want to be.  By 9-10 points in each of the first two sets, they steadied out and pulled away from there. I thought (Drake) had some good attackers that we held down in their hitting percentages and overall it was a good team effort.  

What stuck out to you in tonight’s match?

I think our serve receive overall was good and just our ace-to-error ratio of having seven aces in three sets was good.  We spread out the ball, Courtney spread out the ball pretty well so that means the passers were doing a good job running the offense so that was good.  

Do you think you guys are going to need to work on faster starts in the beginning of sets or was that kind of a fluke tonight?

You never know in any sport. Basketball teams they get down a little they come back there are just surges that you go to so it’s nothing to panic about. You just have to get steady and get your focus because you’re always trying to solve the other team. You’ve seen them on tape but until you see them live, you don’t totally know what shots they have or what their preferences are so that doesn’t worry me. I do know these next two teams were playing are really good teams so we have to stay focused and come out strong tomorrow.

Coach, you guys had a kill percentage of over 300. Can you describe what was working there?

The hitters were keeping their errors down and that’s huge. Just like in baseball you keep the errors down and obviously Jules (Mikaelsen had) 10 kills no errors (and) Bailey (Reshel had) 4 kills no errors so that’s all really good hitting percentages. Obviously in rally scoring play, if you’re making errors, that’s a point for the other team so that makes a big difference in the final score too.

Sophomore Ellen Chapman

What was working for you today on the offensive end? You had a few serve aces and a number of kills what do you think was working for you?

I think the defense did really well at getting the passes for the sets and Courtney was pushing the ball out so we could try and hit line marks and the line was open. I’ve just been practicing my serve a lot in practice so I think it’s gotten a little bit better this year.

Junior Julie Mikaelsen
You had 10 kills no errors were you just in a rhythm or is it just anything else?

It’s something I’ve been working on a lot in practice on being consistent because that has been my problem that I had ups and downs. Now I’m just working on keeping the ball in and being high when you hit the ball and just keeping a lot of focus on being consistent. Courtney’s been doing really well at setting the ball the way I like it and we’ve been practicing really well together and it’s been working out it games too.

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