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Badger rowers off to a strong start in 2012-13

ON WISCONSIN <b>Wisconsin swept the top five in the open eight race at the Milwaukee River Challenge on Saturday.</b>
Wisconsin swept the top five in the open eight race at the Milwaukee River Challenge on Saturday.

Sept. 15, 2012

MADISON, Wis. — In their 2012-13 season debuts, the Wisconsin women’s openweight and lightweight rowing teams turned in strong performances at the Milwaukee River Challenge on Saturday.

“It was a beautiful day for racing, the weather was perfect and the water was really great as well,” said head coach Bebe Bryans. “Both squads, for early as it is, were able to get out and show that they’re serious about the work we’re trying to accomplish. Overall, it was a really good day and a great start to the season.”

The Badgers had six boats competing in both the open fours and open eights competitions. Nine of those 12 boats placed in the top five, including two openweight first-place finishes for Wisconsin.

In the open four race, the Badgers went 1-2-3, with the openweight A and C boats placing first and second, respectively, and the lightweight B boat taking third place. Following up, the lightweight D and F boats finished fifth and sixth, respectively, and the openweight E boat placed ninth.

As strong as Wisconsin’s showing in the fours race was, its performance in the open eights race was even more dominant.

The Badgers swept the top-five in the race with the openweight A, E, C and F boats finishing first through fourth, followed by the lightweight B boat in fifth. The lightweight D boat rounded out the Badgers’ effort in the race, placing seventh.  

“The Milwaukee River Challenge was a great experience for the rowers, especially for the lightweights; it gives them a chance to compete against openweights, where size doesn’t matter,” said lightweights head coach Lisa Schlenker. “It’s always nice to challenge the team and see how fast they can go.”

There are things that we can improve upon, but for the first regatta of the season, I am very pleased with the results. It was a very successful regatta.

Next on the docket for Wisconsin are the Class Day Races, Saturday Sept. 22 on Lake Mendota.

The annual Class Day Races are a chance for the current crop of Badgers to race against UW rowing alumni. It will be the only appearance in Madison this fall for both the openweights and lightweights

Milwaukee River Challenge (Menominee and Milwaukee Rivers)

Open Eight
1. Wisconsin A, 17:08.90; 2. Wisconsin E, 17:44.92; 3. Wisconsin C, 18:11.25; 4. Wisconsin F, 18:13.41; 5. Wisconsin lightweight B, 18:41.34; 6. Purdue, 18:51. 83; 7. Wisconsin lightweight D, 19:02.61

Open A: -- Kendall Schmidt, Monica Whitehouse, Katelyn Swanson, Jacquelyn Koykkar, Leah Gustafson, Jena Wilder, Hanna Lynch, Kristine Kammers, Amy Slesar
Open E: -- Elizabeth Parker, Vivian Simmons, Charlotte Keleske, Katherine Hanes, Kelly McGarry, Libby O’Rourke, Katie Meunch, Kelsey Kramer, Melanie Moranski
Open C: -- Marie Herbert, Lauren Pietila, Emily Norco, Anne Rauchert, Carly Orwin, Emma Allman, Carly McCrormick, Sophie Heywood, Nicole Hettman
Open F: -- Mary Finedore, Laine Maher, Kaitlin Dunn, Rachel Gendreay, Elizabeth Schoenfeldt, Sierra Fischer, Steph Malchine, Julia Whittet, Pamela Shommer
Lightweight B: -- Bri Murphy, Sophie Gavell, Sophie Madden, Lara Tiramani, Gretchen Miron, Catherin Rosoff, Anasi Webster, Jessica Mulenbeck, Constance Chucholoski
Lightweight D: -- Kate Moy, Elizabeth Emmerich, Julia Rollins, AnaElise Beckman, Juliana Schmidt, Lacey Kolb, Melissa Abler, Cassandra Forman, Julianna Jerosh

Open Four
1. Wisconsin A, 17:56.13; 2. Wisconsin C, 18:24.98; 3. Wisconsin Lightweight B, 18:25.84; 4. Purdue, 19:46.20; 5. Wisconsin Lightweight D, 19:50.42; 6. Wisconsin Lightweight F, 20:05.78; 7. Lincoln Park Boat Club, 20:15.29; 8. Purdue, 20:27.25; 9. Wisconsin E, 20:34.37

Open A: -- Elizabeth Parker, Monica Whitehouse, Katelyn Swanson, Kristine Kammers, Amy Slesar
Open C: -- Clare Chandler, Jacquelyn Koykkar, Leah Gustafson, Jena Wilder, Hanna Lynch
Lightweight B: -- Kendall Schmidt, Hilary Schmidt, Samatha Brecht, Alessandra Ruenger, Abby Knight
Lightweight D: -- Bri Murphy, Sophie Gavell, Sophie Madden, Catherin Rosoff, Constance Chucholoski
Lightweight F: -- Kate Moy, Lara Tiramani, Gretchen Miron, Jennifer Gross, Julian Schmidt
Open E: -- Marie Herbert, Marlee Piette, Samantha Neary, Erin Mans, Kelsey Kramer

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