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Lightweight claim four medals in four races at conference championships


May 4, 2014

Cherry Hill, N.J. -- A fantastic day of rowing performances for the Wisconsin women’s lightweight rowing team resulted in grand final medals for each of the No. 4 Badgers’ four boats Sunday at the 2014 Eastern Association of Women’s Rowing Colleges Championships in Cherry Hill, N.J.

It was an evenly-matched battle between the conference opponents, as seen in the point totals calculated at the end of the day. Wisconsin earned 53.7 total points in its four races, narrowly finishing second in the race for the Konrad Ulbrich Lightweight Points Trophy to No. 1-ranked Radcliffe, who finished the day in first with 54.3 points. No. 6 Boston University finished with 44.9 points, and No. 3 Princeton closed the competition with 34.1.

“It was an amazing weekend with a great group of student athletes, and they performed very well,” UW head coach Lisa Schlenker said. “We’re flying home with medals for all of the rowers and coxswains.” 

The novice four squads took to the Cooper River water first, where the Badgers rowed a 7:56.33 to claim their first medal of the day with a first-place finish over Radcliffe and Boston University, who checked in at 8:13.57 and 8:16.89, respectively. The effort resulted in 11.3 points for UW.

The UW varsity fours continued the success, capturing the team’s second first-place victory of the day after racing a time of 7:46.46 to earn an additional nine points. The next boat to finish was Radcliffe’s, checking in at 7:51.96 before Boston University and Princeton could finish in 8:07.44 and 8:57.91. 

“On the open water, both the novice fours and the varsity fours had star performances,” Schlenker said. “It was really classy racing on their part, and they just kept going for more so I’m very proud of both of them.”

The second varsity eight grand final race proved a greater challenge for the Badgers, who completed the 2,000-meter stretch in 6:50.25 after a nail-biting finish between the squads from Boston University and Radcliffe. BU finished first in 6:45.57, just before Radcliffe could cross the line at 6:46.14, resulting in a bronze finish and 12.4 points for the Wisconsin lightweights.

UW’s final event of the day was the varsity eight grand final, where all four participating boats finished within 12 seconds of each other. The Badgers earned a second-place finish, as well as 21 points, checking in at 6:30.88 after Radcliffe crossed the line at 6:26.54. Princeton followed soon after, completing the race in 6:34.46 and leaving Boston University to close the race at 6:38.31.

“The one varsity showed a huge improvement over a couple weeks ago in Boston, we’re really getting closer and we made up the difference,” Schlenker said. “We were three seconds over Princeton and at the Knecht Cup we lost to them by three and a half seconds. They had a really great race.”

With the conference championships over, the Badgers will begin preparation for the final event of their spring racing season, the 2014 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championships on May 30 in West Windsor, N.J.

EAWRC Sprints
Cooper River
Cherry Hill, N.J.
May 4, 2014
2,000 meters

Varsity Eight (Grand Final)
1. Radcliffe, 6:26.54; 2. Wisconsin, 6:30.88; 3. Princeton, 6:34.46; 4. Boston University, 6:38.31
UW Lineup: Coxswain Brianna Murphy, Gabriela Purman, Jennifer Kish, Lara Tiramani, Emma Landauer, Alessandra Ruenger, Helena Randle, Mackenzie Whiteside, Samantha Brecht

Second Varsity Eight (Grand Final)
1. Boston University, 6:45.57; 2. Radcliffe, 6:46.14; 3. Wisconsin, 6:50.25; 4. Princeton, 7:25.34
UW Lineup: Coxswain Tenzin Khangkar, Megan Oechsel, Gretchen Miron, Olivia Meehan, Julia Rollins, Anna Leach, Amanda Aiello, Katie Rosoff, Julia Glueck

Varsity Four (Grand Final)
1. Wisconsin, 7:46.46; 2. Radcliffe, 7:51.96; 3. Boston University, 8:07.44; 4. Princeton, 8:57.91
UW Lineup: Coxswain Paige Reisch, Sydney Stiener, C.M. Stevenson, Danielle Coller, Marissa Hom

Novice Four (Grand Final)
1. Wisconsin, 7:56.33; 2. Radcliffe, 8:13.57; 3. Boston University, 8:16.89
UW Lineup: Coxswain Kelsey Knutson, Kate Wintheiser, Moriah Consigny, Erin Wright, Lena Hedberg

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