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Lightweights shine amongst openweight competition at Knecht Cup

Story photoApril 13, 2014

West Windsor, N.J. – In a day filled with nail-biting finishes, the Wisconsin women’s lightweight rowing team captured third place in the lightweight eight event Sunday before competing against openweight crews in other races on the final day of racing at the Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, N.J.

On the first day of racing Saturday, Badger lightweight squads qualified for Sunday’s final events in the lightweight eight, novice eight, varsity eight and second varsity eight races.

Rowing first in the lightweight eight final, the Badgers’ finish was as close as it gets as UW crossed the finish line just one hundredth of a second before Bucknell to claim third place, with the boats checking in at 6:56.62 and 6:56.63, respectively.

“The varsity lights had a tough go in the Iightweight event after a tense recovery from interference of another boat coming into their lane in the first 150 meters of the race,” coach Lisa Schlenker explained. “They rallied best they could but fell short of the win.”

All six squads in the novice eight grand final completed the race within 16 seconds of each other, with the Wisconsin lightweights coming in fifth amongst its openweight opponents after racing a 7:25.60.  

The Badgers also rowed against openweight boats in the second varsity eight grand final, checking in at 6:58.08 to take sixth place overall. All of the participating crews crossed the line within 10 seconds, as first-place Boston College finished the course in 6:48.94.

Wisconsin found itself in another close race during the team’s final race of the day, the varsity eight petite final. Three schools completed the race within a second and half of each other, with Buffalo finishing third overall with a time of 6:58.24 just before UW could cross the line at 6:58.99 to take fourth place overall. Fifth-place North Carolina was close on the Badgers’ heels, finishing just one second later with a time of 7:00.02.

“The lights embraced the demanding schedule that we had this weekend,” added Schlenker. “They knew the weekend was not only about the competition and lessons learned, but about getting water time.”

The lightweight rowers next take to the water on Saturday in the Boston Round Robin in Boston.

Knecht Cup
Mercer Lake
West Windsor, NJ
April 13, 2014

Women’s Lightweight Eight Final
1. Princeton, 6:53.21; 2. Boston University A, 6:54.88; 3. Wisconsin A, 6:56.62; 4. Bucknell, 6:56.63; 5. MIT A, 7:04.40; 6. Tulsa, 7:07.28
UW Lineup: Coxswain Brianna Murphy, Gabriela Purman, Helena Randle, Megan Oechsel, Jennifer Kish, Lara Tiramani, Emma Landauer, Mackenzie Whiteside, Samantha Brecht

Women’s Novice Eight Grand Final (openweights)
1. Drexel, 7:14.69; 2. Buffalo, 7:16.20; 3. W. Virginia, 7:17.02; 4. Boston College, 7:22.40; 5. Wisconsin (lightweight), 7:25.60; 6. Boston University (lightweight), 7:30.93
UW Lineup: Coxswain Kelsey Knutson, Kate Wintheiser, Moriah Consigny, Sela Gordon, Rorie Buchanan, Caitlin Kantowski, Mary Larson, Audrey Dalgarno, Lena Hedberg

Women’s Second Varsity Eight Grand Final (openweights)
1. Boston College, 6:48.94; 2. Bucknell, 6:50.89; 3. Fordham, 6:52.34; 4. Drexel, 6:54.65; 5. Tulsa, 6:55.79; 6. Wisconsin (lightweight), 6:58.08
UW Lineup: Coxswain Tenzin Khangkar, Alessandra Ruenger, Gretchen Miron, Olivia Meehan, Julia Rollins, Anna Leach, Amanda Aiello, Katie Rosoff, Julia Glueck

Women’s Varsity Eight Petite Final (openweights)
1. Central Florida, 6:54.47; 2. Boston University (lightweight), 6:56.60; 3. Buffalo, 6:58.24; 4. Wisconsin (lightweight), 6:58.99; 5. North Carolina, 7:00.02; 6. Alabama, 7:07.25
UW Lineup: Coxswain Brianna Murphy, Gabriela Purman, Helena Randle, Megan Oechsel, Jennifer Kish, Lara Tiramani, Emma Landauer, Mackenzie Whiteside, Samantha Brecht

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