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Badger women close out the fall with strong finish

<b>The Badger women brought home nine medals from the Head of the Iowa.</B>

The Badger women brought home nine medals from the Head of the Iowa.

Oct. 28, 2012

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MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin women's openweight and lightweight rowing teams closed out their respective fall seasons strong at the Head of the Iowa regatta Sunday in Iowa, City, Iowa, claiming the top spot in four of the five races they competed in.

Leading off was the varsity eight race where the Badgers took six-of-the-top-ten spots. The Wisconsin openweight A boat took the top spot with a time of 13:22.692, just under seven seconds ahead of the second place Minnesota crew. The top lightweight boat placed sixth with a time of 14:07.136.

Wisconsin continued its strong showing in the novice four race, placing all three of its competing boats in the top five. The Badgers' top crew won the race with a run-away time of 16:08.821, 31 seconds better than the runner-up.

The Badgers' varsity team success continued in the fours as Wisconsin again placed first with a 15:06.438 time. In the race, the Badgers placed four boats in the top five overall. The best finishing lightweight boat came across the line eighth, with a 16:12.533 time.

Wisconsin again won, and also swept the top five, placing six boats in the top ten in the novice eights. The Badger first-place boat won the race with a time of 14:32.235.

The pairs was the only competition of the day that the Badger women didn't win. Six Badger lightweight crews competed in the 11-team field, with the highest finishing team coming in second with a time of 17:11.293.

The Head of the Iowa marks the end of the fall seasons for both the Badger openweight and lightweight teams. Wisconsin will return to action in the spring.


Head of the Iowa
Oct. 28, 2012
Iowa City, Iowa

Women's Varsity Eight Final

1. Wisconsin A: 13:22.692; 2. Minnesota A: 13:29.371; 3. Iowa A: 13:45.359; 4. Wisconsin C: 13:53.185; 5. Minnesota B: 14:02.919; 6. Wisconsin Lightweight B: 14:07.136; 7. Wisconsin E: 14:24.821 ... 10. Wisconsin Lightweight D: 14:50.472 ... 13. Wisconsin Lightweight F: 15:28.219

Women's Novice Four Final

1. Wisconsin A: 16:08.821; 2. Wisconsin D: 16:39.629; 3. Iowa B: 17:16.065; 4. Wisconsin C: 17:27.189 ... Wisconsin B (Excluded)

Women's Varsity Four Final

1. Wisconsin A: 15:06.438; 2. Wisconsin B: 15:14.963; 3. Iowa A: 15:28.876; 4. Wisconsin C: 15:51.131; 5. Wisconsin D: 15:55.453 ... 8. Wisconsin Lightweight H: 16:12.533; 9. Wisconsin E: 16:15.408; 10. Wisconsin Lightweight G: 16:26.204 ... 14. Wisconsin Lightweight I: 16:55.638 ... Wisconsin F (Scratch) 

Women's Novice Eight Final

1. Wisconsin A: 14:32.235; 2. Wisconsin B: 14:44.032; 3. Wisconsin D: 15:25.309; 4. Wisconsin C: 15:31.575; 5. Wisconsin E: 15:33.720 ... 9. Wisconsin F: 16:24.101 

Women's 2- Final

1. Iowa A: 16:41.653; 2. Wisconsin Lightweight A: 17:11.293; 3. Iowa D: 17:18.637; 4. Wisconsin Lightweight B: 17:38.304; 5. Iowa C: 17:49.895; 6. Wisconsin Lightweight E: 18.02.989; 7. Wisconsin Lightweight C: 18:03.337; 8. Wisconsin Lightweight D: 18:36.433; 9. Iowa B: 18:38.148; 10. Wisconsin Lightweight F: 19:30.831


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