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Badgers continue fall season with strong showing at Head of the Rock


Oct. 13, 2013

MADISON, Wis. -- Three weeks since its season-opening trip to Milwaukee, the Wisconsin women's openweight rowing team headed to the Head of the Rock, where the Badgers made their mark in nearly every event they entered.

"It was a really great day for us - one of the best regattas that we've had since I've been here," said head coach Bebe Bryans. "It was just really strong across the board."

Wisconsin opened the action by racing in the pair, but it was a UW lightweight pair that captured the race as Alessandra Ruenger and Jennfier Kish finished the race in 18:17.94, 6.55 seconds ahead of the second-place boat of openweights in Anne Rauschert and Elizabeth Schoenfeldt.

UW followed up its early effort by taking three of the top four spots in the varsity eight. Wisconsin's top entry snagged the top spot with a 15:11.62 time. Minnesota crossed the finish line 24.33 seconds later, followed by a pair of Wisconsin boats just seconds behind.

"My favorite boat of the day to watch was the varsity eight," Bryans said. "It was just super-aggressive, clean rowing, and they were pretty fast. It was exciting to watch, and I think they could be the real deal."
The Badgers were also well-represented in the open four, finishing third and fourth.

On the novice side, the Badgers were able to grab the top two spots in the open four, as the Wisconsin A boat finished in 18:21.62, in front of the Wisconsin B boat which clocked a time of 18:54.5. UW also placed first in the open eight, as the Wisconsin A boat took the top spot with a 16:30.93 time.

"This was their very first race as Wisconsin Badgers and I think they did a fantastic job and I am really proud of the way they handled themselves on the course and supported their team mates," said Wisconsin freshman coach Nancy LaRocque. "Overall, we are all pretty excited at the depth this freshman class has and know they will be strong contributors to the team this year."

The Badgers will finish their fall season in Boston, as they compete in the prestigious Head of the Charles on Oct. 20.

Head of the Rock
Rock River
Rockford, Ill.
Oct. 13, 2013
2.7 Miles

Colllegiate Eight
1. Wisconsin A, 15:11.6; 2. Minnesota, 15:36.0; 3. Wisconsin B (LTWT A), 15:39.0; 4. Wisconsin C, 15:43.0; 5. Minnesota, 15:49.3; 6. Wisconsin E, 15:54.3...9. Wisconsin D, (LTWT B) 16:32.6

UW Lineups
A - Coxswain Marie Hebert, Anne Rauschert, Elizabeth Schoenfeldt, Laine Maher, Steph Malchine, Jena Wilder, Leah Gustafson, Monica Whitehouse, Margo Grover
B (Ltwt) - Coxswain Brianna Murphy, Gabriella Purman, Helena Randle, Alessandra Ruenger, Emma Landauer, Lara Tiramani, Jennifer Kish, Mackenzie Whiteside, Samantha Brecht
C - Coxswain Katherine Condon, Kelsey Kramer, Nicole Brandt, Sarah Larson, Libby O'Rourke, Merritt Denham, Kelly McGarry, Brianna Dahm, Nicole Hettmann
D (Ltwt) - Coxswain Katherine Moy, Megan Oschel, Christina Stevenson, Katie Rosoff, Gretchen Miron, Julia Glueck, Julianna Schmidt, Danielle Coller
E - Coxswain Katie Sutehall, Katie Muench, Rachel Gendreau, Hannah Schwartz, Anna Knutson, Pamela Schommer, Frances LaBudda, Sophie Heywood, Erin Mans

Collegiate Pair
1. Wisconsin A (LTWT A), 18:17.9; 2. Wisconsin C, 18:24.5; 3. Wisconsin F, 18:33.6; 4. Wisconsin D, 18:41.6; 5. Wisconsin B (LTWT B), 18:48.8; 6. Wisconsin E, 18:53.7; 7. Wisconsin H (LTWT D), 18:55.2; 8. Wisconsin P, 19:05.88; 9. Wisconsin O, 19:07.06; 10. Wisconsin K, 19:07.68; 11. Wisconsin I, 19:08.83; 12. Wisconsin M (LTWT E), 19:11.3; 13. Wisconsin J, 19:15.22; 14. Wisconsin R, 19:18.17; 15. Wisconsin G (LTWT C), 19:28.6; 16. Wisconsin Q, 19:30.86; 17. Wisconsin N (LTWT F), 19:59.7; 18. Wisconsin L, 20:20.63

UW Lineups
A - Alessandra Ruenger, Jennifer Kish
B - Mackenzie Whiteside, Randle
C - Anne Rauschert, Elizabeth Schoenfeldt
D - Jena Wilder, Leah Gustafson
E - Steph Malchine, Monica Whitehouse
F - Margo Grover, Laine Maher
G - Lara Tiramani, Samantha Brecht
H - Gabriella Purman, Emma Landauer
I  - Pamela Schommer, Kristine Kammers
J  - Katie Muench, Rachel Gendreau
K  - Kelly McGarry, Brianna Dahm
L  - Libby O'Rourke, Merritt Denham
M  - Megan Oschel, Anna Leach
N  - Katie Rosoff, Gretchen Miron
O  - Kelsey Kramer, Nicole Hettmann
P  - Sarah Larson, Nicole Brandt
Q  - Anna Knutson, Hannah Schwartz
R  - Frances LaBudda, Sophie Heywood

Collegiate Four
1. Minnesota A, 17:10.2; 2. Minnesota B, 17:10.5; 3. Wisconsin D, 17:12.7; 4. Wisconsin C, 17:32.1; 5. Minnesota C, 17:32.7; 6. Wisconsin A, 17:43.8; 7. Wisconsin B (LTWT A), 18:22.2

A - Coxswain Marie Hebert, Sophie Carr, Kaitlin Dunn, Marlee Piette, Emma Allmann
B (Ltwt) - Coxswain Tenzin Khangker, Sydney Steiner, Julia Rollins, Sofia Linsenmeyer, Marisa Hom
C - Coxswain Katie Sutehall, Rachel Gendreau, Katie Muench, Anna Knutson, Hannah Schwartz
D - Coxswain Katherine Condon, Brianna Dahm, Kelly McGarry, Kristine Kammers, Nicole Hettmann

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