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Women's rowers go first, second, fifth on second day of NCAAs


May 31, 2014

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INDIANAPOLIS –- The depth and quality of competition in NCAA rowing grows with each passing year, and that quality was on display on Saturday at the 2014 NCAA Rowing Championships, which are taking place at Eagle Creek Park.

For Wisconsin, that fact showed itself in the varsity four, where the sixth-seeded Badgers, after winning their heat on Friday, placed fifth in their semifinal and so will race in the petite final on Sunday (places 7-12). Three West Coast schools, and Michigan, who the Badgers beat as recently as two weeks ago at the Big Ten championships, got the better of Bucky on this day.

California took the semifinal in 7:35.330 over 2000 meters, and will be joined by Washington (7:38.059) and USC (7:43.491) in the grand final on Sunday. Michigan was fourth in 7:47.274, ahead of the Badgers (7:51.000) and Indiana (7:58.787) in fifth and sixth, respectively.

“The four, I think they raced really well, they were just a little bit outgunned,” head coach Bebe Bryans said. “They were pretty pleased with how they raced. Tomorrow, they are our highest ranked boat so they are gunning to win the petite final and get as many points for the team as they can.”

The varsity eight and second varsity eight both raced in C/D semifinals, and both will finish the season in third-level finals on Sunday.

The second varsity eight won its C/D semifinal over Oklahoma, San Diego, Boston University and Jacksonville with a time of 6:55.484. The third-level final on Sunday, which includes the top three crews from UW’s C/D semifinal, will determine places 14-19 in the event.

“They raced well,” said Bryans. “I think they have continued to progress through this process, so we are looking forward to them even having a better piece tomorrow and I think they’ve got a great shot at winning out.”

The varsity eight will race in the third-level final for places 13-18 after taking second in their C/D semifinal behind San Diego (6:48.033). The Badgers clocked 6:52.124 to grab the runner-up spot. Northeastern (6:55.057) was the third team to reach the third-level final from UW’s race.

“In the varsity eight, San Diego was a really quality team,” Bryans explained. “There were quality teams in the other semifinal, as well. So our goal is to win [the third final] and we are going to have to race at our best to do that, but we are primed and ready to go.”

Racing for the Badgers on Sunday begins at 8 a.m. CT with the second varsity eight third-level final. UW will face San Diego, Louisville, Indiana, Oklahoma and Northeastern in that event. The varsity eight C final begins at 8:20 a.m. CT with UW going up against Louisville, Washington State, San Diego, UCLA and Northeastern. Finally, UW’s varsity four races Indiana, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State and Princeton in the petite final at 9 a.m. CT

“You go all out every race,” Bryans concluded. “You hope that you’ve learned from every situation you’ve gone out and this is it. There will be lessons to be learned from this race as well, but you are going to have to wait a long time, and for our seniors, this is it. You don’t want to look back on this and wish you’d done something else.

“As of this championship, for this year, tomorrow will show where we are as a team and so they are really excited and ready to do that and [the staff] is going to be here to support them. We wanted to be more competitive than it turned out we could be, but we are where we should be. Our goal is to win out from this point on.”

Watch Sunday racing at NCAA.com
8 a.m. CT -- Second Varsity Eight
8:20 a.m. CT -- Varsity Eight
9 a.m. CT -- Varsity Four

2014 NCAA Championships
Eagle Creek Park
May 31, 2014
2000 meters

Varsity Eight
C/D Semifinal 1 (Top three to Sunday third-level final (places 13-18), rest to fourth-level finals)
1. San Diego, 6:48.033; 2. Wisconsin, 6:52.124; 3. Northeastern, 6:55.057; 4. Boston University, 6:56.942; 5. Massachusetts, 7:05.844

UW Lineup – Coxswain Marie Hebert, Gillian Cooper, Monica WhitehouseHannah Schwartz, Anne Rauschert, Libby O'Rourke, Kristine Kammers, Margo Grover, Brianna Dahm

Second Varsity Eight
Semifinal C/D (Top three to Sunday third-level final (places 14-19), rest to fourth-level finals)
1. Wisconsin, 6:55.484; 2. Oklahoma, 7:01.613; 3. San Diego, 7:05.364; 4. Boston University, 7:18.422; 5. Jacksonville, 7:42.389

UW Lineup – Coxswain Katherine Moy, Nicole Hettmann, Jena Wilder, Leah Gustafson, Laine Maher, Pamela Schommer, Frances LaBudda, Steph Malchine, Rachel Gendreau

Varsity Four
Semifinal 2 (Top three to Sunday grand final, rest to petite final (places 7-12))
1. California, 7:35.330; 2. Washington, 7:38.059; 3. USC, 7:43.491; 4. Michigan, 7:47.274; 5. Wisconsin, 7:51.000; 6. Indiana, 7:58.787

UW Lineup - Coxswain Katherine Condon, Sophie Heywood, Kelsey Kramer, Katie Muench, Anna Knutson

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