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Varsity four advances with heat victory at NCAA championships


May 30, 2014

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INDIANAPOLIS -- The Wisconsin women's varsity four led the way for the Badgers on the first day of the 2014 NCAA Rowing Championships at Eagle Creek Park, on Friday, advancing to Saturday's semifinals.

The sixth-seeded varsity four qualified directly to Saturday's semifinals by winning its morning heat. Rowing in second place in lane four behind top-seeded Ohio State in lane three, the Badgers ended up crossing the line first after some drama with about 750 meters to go. The Buckeyes had their rudder break, which caused the boat to veer out of its lane and directly in front of UW. OSU continued across lane five in front of Louisville and ended outside in lane seven before regrouping and finishing the race in last. The snafu gave the Badgers the top spot, while Notre Dame in lane two grabbed the second qualifying spot into the semifinals.

"The most exciting race of the day and the most successful race of the day was the four," head coach Bebe Bryans said. "You don't usually have someone cut straight in front of you in a 2K. Our coxswain Kate Condon was just brilliant. She basically didn't say anything to the crew and just picked it right up like it never happened. They didn't even know. It was weird."

The Badgers won the heat in 7:25.532, with Notre Dame's time of 7:27.825 good for second. The remaining crews would have a second chance to reach the semifinals in the afternoon repechages, one of which Ohio State won to reach the semifinals and stay alive to defend its NCAA title.

UW's second varsity eight fell just short of making the semifinals, and instead will row in the C/D semifinals on Saturday, which is the path to places 13-22 in the event.

In the afternoon repechage, the Badgers pushed hard at the end, but fell under a second shy of second-place USC for the second and final semifinal qualifying spot. Harvard took the race in 6:42.263, with the Trojans second in 6:44.745 and the Badgers clocking a 6:45.776 in the 2000-meter race.

"They knew they were moving, they just ran out of race course," said Bryans. "They started their sprint really early, but just ran out of room. It was a great row. Great performance."

UW's top boat, its varsity eight, put up a fight, but also fell outside the top 12 and into the C/D semifinals on Saturday. The Badgers took fourth in both their morning heat, and more importantly, their afternoon repechage, to reach their fate. USC (6:30.511) and Harvard (6:31.193) finished in the top two spots to advance, while UCLA (6:32.478) finished in third place ahead of fourth-place Wisconsin (6:38.418).

"I'm really pleased with the way both eights raced," Bryans stated "I think both eights performed as we hoped they would. They were both really happy with both performances. They just got beat by crews that were faster than them. It was a lesson for them. When you play with the big dogs, sometimes you are going to get bit, and we got bit today.

"Now we get to just plan to win everything we race. That is our goal."

2014 NCAA Championships
Eagle Creek Park
May 30, 2014
2000 meters

Varsity Eight
Repechage 1 (Top two to Saturday A/B semifinals, rest to C/D semifinals)
1. USC, 6:30.511; 2. Harvard, 6:31.193; 3. UCLA, 6:32.478; 4. Wisconsin, 6:38.418; 5. Louisville, 6:42.602; 6. Massachusetts, 6:54.238; 7. Jacksonville, 7:02.063

Heat 2 (Top two to Saturday semifinals, rest to Friday repechage)
1. Stanford, 6:20.991; 2. Virginia, 6:21.577; 3. Notre Dame, 6:29.737; 4. Wisconsin, 6:44.867; 5. Oklahoma, 6:51.992

UW Lineup - Coxswain Marie Hebert, Gillian Cooper, Monica Whitehouse, Hannah Schwartz, Anne Rauschert, Libby O'Rourke, Kristine Kammers, Margo Grover, Brianna Dahm

Second Varsity Eight
Repechage 1 (Top two to Saturday A/B semifinals, rest to C/D semifinals)
1. Harvard, 6:42.265; 2. USC, 6:44.745; 3. Wisconsin, 6:45.776; 4. Louisville, 6:49.998; 5. Massachusetts, 7:16.530; 6. Jacksonville, 7:34.044

Heat 1 (Top two to Saturday semifinals, rest to Friday repechage)
1. Brown, 6:30.932; 2. Michigan, 6:31. 226; 3. Washington, 6:31.299; 4. San Diego, 6:53.572; 5. Wisconsin, 7:01.574

UW Lineup - Coxswain Katherine Moy, Nicole Hettmann, Jena Wilder, Leah Gustafson, Laine Maher, Pamela Schommer, Frances LaBudda, Steph Malchine, Rachel Gendreau

Varsity Four (Top two to Saturday semifinals, rest to Friday repechage)
1. Wisconsin, 7:25.532; 2. Notre Dame, 7:27.825; 3. Louisville, 7:30.919; 4. Oklahoma, 7:47.451; 5. Jacksonville, 8:32.687; 6. Ohio State, 8:56.792

UW Lineup - Coxswain Katherine Condon, Sophie Heywood, Kelsey Kramer, Katie Muench, Anna Knutson

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