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Wisconsin takes third at Big Ten rowing


May 18, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS -- For the fifth consecutive season, the Wisconsin women's rowing team earned a top-three finish at the Big Ten rowing championships at Eagle Creek Park on Sunday. The Badgers' day was highlighted by a Big Ten title in the second novice eight and a second-place finish in the varsity four.

UW's early successes, which also included third-place finishes in the novice eight and second varsity four, put the Badgers in solid team position heading into the NCAA crew races of the varsity four, second varsity eight and varsity eight boats.

After UW's second in the varsity four, its second varsity eight placed fourth, behind eventual Big Ten champion Ohio State, Michigan and upstart Indiana. That left the headline race of the varsity eight, with UW hoping for a top-three finish to state its case for an NCAA bid.

However, the varsity eight results mirrored the second varsity eight and the Badgers finished fourth behind OSU, Michigan and IU.

"The varsity eight just didn't have a great race today, which was unfortunate," head coach Bebe Bryans said. "That is the way it goes on championship day. You hope that you are able to bring what you've got and they didn't quite get it together. They were just a little anxious."

Ohio State grabbed the conferences auto bid with 164 points and the Big Ten crown. No. 9 Michigan's second-place result (140 points) also puts it in solid position for an at-large NCAA big. No. 13 Indiana took fourth in the team standings (103), but third when just the NCAA boasts are taken into account, giving it an advantage for an at-large spot over UW when the announcement comes Tuesday afternoon. Wisconsin was third with 109 points.

"Third as a team, that was pretty good," Bryans said. "It was obviously not what we came here for, but it is what we earned today. Ohio State is a great defending champion and I think they are going to have a good shot at defending their national championship.

"Michigan brought it as well today. Indiana was a little faster than us in the two eights. Our 2V raced really well and closed the gap on those leading three crews.

"That being said, it was a really good campaign for the entire team and being third in this strong conference is something to be proud of and we are."

Wisconsin jumped out an early lead when its second novice eight crew of coxswain Dianne Maglaque, Molly Donnellan, Alison Miron, Nicole Bednarz, Helena Dziadowicz, Elizabeth Ohvall, Sophia Vitas, Marissa Hoyer and Amanda Morris reached the 2000-meter finish in 7:16.121. They put nearly five seconds on second-place Michigan (7:21.509) in the race.

"Congratulations to our second novice eight, who led the day off beautifully with a first-place finish," Bryans stated.

Like the second novice eight, the varsity four for UW was the top-seeded boat entering the day, but was edged by Ohio State and claimed second place. Ohio State clocked a 7:27.306 to knock off the Badgers, who crossed the line in 7:31.426. Michigan State took third in the event in 7:35.620.

"Our four, even though they didn't hold their seed, they really raced well," explained Bryans. "That Ohio State boat was really fast and we were right there with them the whole time. I am really proud of that boat, they came together and raced hard and raced well."

All-Big Ten awards were also handed out at the championships, with senior Monica Whitehouse earning first-team honors and junior Anne Rauschert making the second team. Whitehouse was also named UW's Big Ten Sportsmanship Award winner.

The 22-team field includes 11 automatic bids from conference champions and another 11 at-large spots. UW appears to be squarely on the bubble. Selections are announced Tuesday at 4 p.m. CT at NCAA.com.

"All in all it was a really good day," Bryans concluded. "We are a little disappointed with the outcome, but we're certainly not discouraged by it. I believe we are fast enough to get a selection to the NCAA championships, but it is out of hands now. We are going to have to wait and see."

2014 Big Ten Rowing Championships
May 18, 2014
Eagle Creek Park
2000 meters

Team Scores
1. Ohio State, 164
2. Michigan, 140
3. Wisconsin, 109
4. Indiana, 103
5. Michigan State, 60
6. Minnesota, 55
7. Iowa, 39

Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State, 6:29.378; 2. Michigan, 6:34.216; 3. Indiana, 6:38.058; 4. Wisconsin, 6:42.308; 5. Michigan State, 6:48.540; 6. Minnesota, 6:49.668; 7. Iowa, 6:53.982
Coxswain Marie Hebert, Gillian Cooper, Monica Whitehouse, Hannah Schwartz, Kristine Kammers, Steph Malchine, Anne Rauschert, Libby O'Rourke, Brianna Dahm

Second Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State, 6:38.098; 2. Michigan, 6:45.340; 3. Indiana, 6:49.570; 4. Wisconsin, 6:51.830; 5. Minnesota, 6:57.544; 6. Iowa, 7:00.950; 7. Michigan State, 7:01.102
Coxswain Katherine Moy, Laine Maher, Nicole Hettmann, Jena Wilder, Leah Gustafson, Frances LaBudda, Pamela Schommer, Rachel Gendreau, Margo Grover

Varsity Four
1. Ohio State, 7:27.306; 2. Wisconsin, 7:31.426; 3. Michigan State, 7:35.620; 4. Michigan, 7:39.408; 5. Indiana, 7:43.212; 6. Iowa, 7:49.300; 7. Minnesota, 7:52.738
Coxswain Katherine Condon, Sophie Heywood, Kelsey Kramer, Katie Muench, Anna Knutson

Second Varsity Four
1. Ohio State, 7:34.322; 2. Michigan, 7:42.226; 3. Wisconsin, 7:47.478; 4. Indiana, 7:48.386; 5. Minnesota, 7:55.606; 6. Iowa, 7:55.662; 7. Michigan State, 8:03.700
Coxswain Elissa Raduazzo, Kelly McGarry, Merritt Denham, Erin Mans, Kaitlin Dunn

Third Varsity Four
1. Ohio State, 7:34.959; 2. Michigan, 7:35.709; 3. Minnesota, 8:09.545; 4. Wisconsin, 8:17.753; 5. Indiana, 8:18.689; 6. Iowa, 8:21.787
Coxswain Tela Zembsch, Marlee Piette, Sophie Carr, Lucia Kissinger, Charlotte Keleske

Novice Eight
1. Michigan, 7:04.568; 2. Ohio State, 7:09.182; 3. Wisconsin, 7:11.836; 4. Indiana, 7:13.962; 5. Michigan State, 7:15.736; 6. Iowa, 7:28.030; 7. Minnesota, 7:31.274
Coxswain Tela Zembsch, Sarah Lueken, Madeleine Wanamaker, Andrea French, Dani Steinberg, Kelly Manion, Claire Scott, Kaitlin McKeogh, Maria Schmid

Second Novice Eight
1. Wisconsin, 7:16.121; 2. Michigan, 7:21.509; 3. Ohio State, 7:27.871; 4. Michigan State, 7:38.627; 5. Minnesota, 7:40.105; 6. Iowa, 7:44.997
Coxswain Dianne Maglaque, Molly Donnellan, Alison Miron, Nicole Bednarz, Helena Dziadowicz, Elizabeth Ohvall, Sophia Vitas, Marissa Hoyer, Amanda Morris

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