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Varsity four leads Badgers in day one of the Clemson Invite

Team Shot

April 19, 2014

CLEMSON, S.C. – Heading into the Clemson Invite, the No. 15 Wisconsin women’s rowing team knew it had its hands full. The high-quality competition was expected – the regatta included eight teams ranked between No. 12 and No. 20 nationally as well as seven squads receiving votes in the poll. But the toughest competition for anyone was the weather, as challenging circumstances that included a 20+ MPH crosswind forced postponement of Saturday’s evening session.

Despite all the obstacles on their way, the Badgers brushed aside the weather and the tough competition to cap a stellar day that saw the varsity four lead the way with a first-place finish in their race. Their time of 8:19.5 was nearly eight seconds faster than second-place No. 18 Syracuse, and represented the fastest time posted by a varsity four boat on the day.

The varsity eight turned in a time of 7:14.4, which was the fifth-best mark of the seven teams in their heat. No. 20 Indiana won the heat at 7:05.8, which was the fastest time of the day for a varsity eight boat.

In a nail-biting heat, the Badgers’ second varsity eight finished fourth, clocking in at 7:33.3. No. 14 Harvard won the heat at 7:28.2, with Indiana, No. 12 Washington State and Wisconsin hot on their heels. The second through fourth spots in the heat were separated by just 1.5 seconds.

The novice eight closed the book on the day with a second-place finish in their heat at 7:38.3 – less than a second behind top-finisher Harvard at 7:37.6.     

Competition will conclude on Sunday. Due to the difficulties with the weather on Saturday, there will be two sessions on Sunday. The first is set for 6:45 a.m. (CT) and the start time for the second session has yet to be determined.

Clemson Invite
son, S.C.
1900 Meters
April 19, 2014

Varsity Eight
1. Indiana, 7:05.8; 2. Washington State, 7:06.6; 3. Harvard, 7:09.4; 4. Syracuse, 7:12.2; 5. Wisconsin, 7:14.4; 6. Dartmouth, 7:17.2; 7. Iowa, 7:31.9
Coxswain Marie Hebert, Gillian Cooper, Monica Whitehouse, Hannah Schwartz, Kristine Kammers, Steph Malchine, Anne Rauschert, Margo Grover, Laine Maher

Second Varsity Eight
1. Harvard, 7:28.2; 2. Indiana, 7:31.8; 3. Washington State, 7:32.1; 4. Wisconsin, 7:33.3; 5. Syracuse, 7:36.7; 6. Iowa, 7:50.7; 7. Dartmouth, 8:00.4
Coxswain Katherine Condon, Nicole Hettmann, Jena Wilder, Libby O'Rourke, Frances LaBudda, Elizabeth Schoenfeldt, Brianna Dahm, Katie Muench, Rachel Gendreau

Varsity Four
1. Wisconsin, 8:19.5; 2. Syracuse, 8:27.1; 3. Harvard, 8:28.7; 4. Washington State, 8:36.0; 5. Iowa, 8:41.3; 6. Indiana, 8:51.0; 7. Dartmouth, 8:55.7
Coxswain Katherine Moy, Sophie Heywood, Pamela Schommer, Anna Knutson, Leah Gustafson

Novice Eight
1. Harvard, 7:37.6; 2. Wisconsin, 7:38.3; 3. Indiana, 7:44.6; 4. Syracuse, 8:00.2; 5. Iowa, 8:06.6; 6. Washington State, 8:07.5; 7. Texas 4V8, 8:13.1
Coxswain Tela Zembsch, Madeleine Wanamaker, Kelly Manion, Dani Steinberg, Andrea French, Claire Scott, Emily Diaz, Maria Schmid, Kaitlin McKeogh

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