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Post-game quotes: No. 3 Wisconsin vs. No. 6 Harvard



Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Harvard
March 15, 2014
LaBahn Arena – Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Mark Johnson
Opening Statement:
“Shout out  to Coach Jeff Sauer and our sled hockey team for winning the gold medal today. It’s very exciting for them and hope they have a safe travel back.”

“We’re certainly happy with the effort and our game tonight. It’s never easy to win this quarterfinal game. So I thought we came out with good energy, played well and earned a hard-fought victory. Compliment to Harvard, not only on their season, but certainly making a real strong push there in the third period. We were able to withstand it and we live to see another day and have the opportunity to go to the Frozen Four. So I’m excited for our players, certainly excited for Alex (Rigsby) for getting her 100th-career win. Meant a lot not only this season, but throughout her career and to get her 100th win the last night she plays at LaBahn Arena, I’m sure she’s excited and her family is excited. We as a staff and as an organization are excited for her.”

On being happy to see the team break through and score a goal in the first period:
“12, 14 minutes into the first period and you’re trying to figure out if we’re going to score at all. But as Blayre (Turnbull) mentioned, you’re just trying to get pucks to the net, pucks through traffic. Wh­­­ether it’s the initial shot, a rebound opportunity or a breakdown, which ended up giving us a two-on-one and capitalize in those situations. If you can score first, it is important in a lot of different areas. So having the opportunity to get the score and come out of the first period up 1-0, it was huge. We played very well. We had a lot of offensive zone time and if you come away 0-0 it’s a little bit dejecting and maybe in the back of your mind you’re thinking, ‘are we going to do this again? Are we going to outshoot teams and don’t capitalize?’ Then again, we played well in the second period. Had a lot of offensive time and if you come out of there 2… 3… 4-0, it’s obviously going to be a lot easier. But we were fortunate to get a second goal. Then for probably eight, nine minutes in the third period, we were playing not to lose. I was trying to get the players to understand they have to play to win. That was one of our messages prior to the game. You saw a push from Harvard. They didn’t want their season to end, so they came hard and they started to create. The save Alex (Rigsby) made, with probably 12 minutes to go, was huge. If they score there, they’ve got a lot of time to maybe get a second one. So good team effort, played very well. And again, it’s a learning opportunity. Some of the things that we did in the third period, hopefully we can learn from it, move on and become better next Friday."
On pucks bouncing during the game:
“Well, if you see enough hockey you know pucks are going to bounce funny. Alex (Rigsby) not only makes a crazy save, but then it bounces in her glove. The goal they scored on, comes from a shot on the side of the net, off her glove and in. So the one that should have gone in didn’t, and the one that probably should have been saved goes in the net. And same thing on our second goal. You get a shot blocked from a forward on their team and the puck bounces again and finds it way in the net. So it happens quite a bit in the game and sometimes one team might get more bounces and breaks than the other team, but over the course of the season, those things generally even themselves out.”
On what he said to the team during Harvard’s third period timeout:
“I sort of related it to killing a penalty. You have to put your frame of mind in a sense that you need to defend. They’re going to try to push the puck and get the puck deep in your zone, playing the extra attacker. You have to have strong sticks, keep things firm and hard and play with a sense of urgency. We created one or two icings out of it and withstood it and did what we needed to do to make sure that they didn’t get that scoring opportunity.”
On playing Minnesota:
“They know us and we know them, but right now I’m going to enjoy this one and worry about that one tomorrow, nature of our business. You win a big game, get an opportunity… as I’ve said this is the toughest game to win, so now you get a chance to enjoy and prepare for next Friday’s game. Alex (Rigsby) indicated, other than maybe part of our game at Fill the Bowl, the other three games have been very exciting, nail-bitters and I’m sure Friday’s game is going to be similar, steaks are just higher.”
Senior Goaltender Alex Rigsby
On her save in the third period:

“I got caught up with someone in front of the net, so I saw her, saw the puck get passed across and the girl was taking the shot and it was just a desperation save. Used that hand-eye coordination and dropped down with my stick and was lucky enough to have it pop in to my glove at the same time. So it was definitely a lucky and desperation save. It’s rewarding when you see the player’s face too, the one who got to the net. But yeah, it’s definitely rewarding.”

On having the luck on their side in the third period and about the shot that bounced down in the third period:

“Yeah, that shot started with myself. I know I shouldn’t have turned back and if I wouldn’t have turned back, the puck wouldn’t have bounced up. I put myself in that position so there are just little things on my part that if I would have just positioned myself better, than I wouldn’t have had to do that. But lucky that it didn’t bounce in the net and bounced to the side of the net. It was nice to have those stay out of the net today.”

On when her stick got knocked out of her hands:
“So I made a save, stick went flying in the air, guess I didn’t have it held tight enough. Then the puck came in front of the net and popped up and over me. Sarah Nurse made awesome, great saves in net, so it was lucky that it stayed out of the net there as well. Then it was a big scramble when she had made the save and she pushed it to me and I had it under my hand and as soon as the whistle blew then I let go of it. But Nurse made some good saves there.”
On getting prepared for Minnesota:
“Coach says all the time, as soon as it hits playoff time records they don’t exist anymore. That’s kind of the mentality we should have going in to this game, knowing that we’ve prepared all year. This is our time. It’s going to be a great game. Minnesota is an awesome team, really good, but I think that being ready on Friday night, ready for the puck drop, I think that’s going to be an exciting game.”
Redshirt Junior Forward Brittany Ammerman
On getting 100 career points:

“It’s exciting. I didn’t know I was that close to 100 points, didn’t really hear that much about it, but I guess it’s good to get that. It’s awesome that we got 100 wins for Alex (Rigsby) and 100 points for me and now we’re going to the Frozen Four for the third time in our career. It’s exciting. I was just saying, ‘we’re going back, we’re going back.’ It’s been a while, since sophomore year, so I’m excited.”
Harvard Head Coach Maura Crowell
On the overall game:
“Great game of hockey tonight. A lot of opportunities on both ends. I thought our team played really well, I thought Wisconsin’s a very good team, and unfortunately we didn’t get much puck luck tonight and they came up with the win, so good for them and good luck to them next weekend. 
Harvard Goaltender Emerance Maschmeyer
On the first period of the game:
“Yeah I mean getting a lot of shots that’s always the best teams to play and our defensemen do a great job of clearing in front of the net and make it a lot easier for me to control the puck. And obviously Wisconsin is a very good team, so it’s fun to go up against a team like that. It’s great challenge.”
On Harvard’s thoughts heading into the game:
“You go into a game expecting anything. Hockey’s a game where literally anything can happen, so going in with a clear mind, and for me I wanted to focus on one puck at a time. So, yeah, Wisconsin came out hard…I mean we did too, so it was a great game both ways.”
Harvard Forward Dylanne Crugnale:
 On her goal:
“It was just a lucky bounce for us it popped out and I was able to put it in. We got a lot of energy after that, just wanted to tie it up.”

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