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Badger Breakaway with Brooke Ammerman

ON WISCONSIN <b>Junior forward Brooke Ammerman</b>
Junior forward Brooke Ammerman

March 10, 2011

MADISON, Wis. – UWBadgers.com caught up with junior forward Brooke Ammerman (River Vale, N.J.) in this week’s segment of “Badger Breakaway,” where the UW women’s hockey players share some of their favorites on and off the ice.

No. 1 Wisconsin (34-2-2, 24-2-2-2 WCHA) hosts No. 6 Minnesota Duluth (22-8-3, 18-7-3 WCHA) in the quarterfinal round of the 2011 NCAA National College Women's Ice Hockey Championship. Puck drop is set for 7 p.m. (CT) at the Kohl Center Saturday night.

UWBadgers.com: How would you summarize the season so far?
Ammerman: I think it’s been a great season. A lot of us have enjoyed a lot of personal success with our team’s great success, so I think everyone’s really happy with how our season’s been going.

UWBadgers.com: How do you feel heading into the NCAA tournament?
Ammerman: It’s really exciting. It’s always fun to play a game to make it to the Frozen Four like my freshman year, and it’s going to be really exciting in the building I think.  Also playing an archrival like Minnesota Duluth will bring along a lot of intensity and should make for a good weekend.

UWBadgers.com: What’s your favorite arena to play in away from home?
Ammerman: I would say Ridder Arena in Minneapolis. We always have great success out at Ridder, and it’s always pretty fun, like last weekend.

UWBadgers.com: What is one thing you bring with on every road trip?
Ammerman: My laptop and my iPod.

UWBadgers.com: What’s your favorite practice drill?
Ammerman: I like the two-on-none drill without the regroup where we drop the puck and go to the net hard.

UWBadgers.com: What’s your pre-game routine like?
Ammerman: I always put my left skate on before my right skate, and I always tape my left shin guard before I put my right skate on.

UWBadgers.com: What do you love the most about playing in the Kohl Center?
Ammerman: I love the amount of fans we get. No matter how big of a game away from home, we still always get more fans here no matter who we’re playing. It’s awesome, especially the 10,000 people we got for the Fill the Bowl game.

UWBadgers.com: What’s it been like playing with your sister Brittany this year?
Ammerman: It’s been really fun. Our parents have come up every weekend so far and a bunch of our family has been enjoying it. She’s fun to have around, too. We’re best friends off the ice and on the ice, obviously. It’s been a really fun time.

UWBadgers.com: What’s your favorite professional sports team?
Ammerman: The New Jersey Devils.

UWBadgers.com: How did you first get into hockey?
Ammerman: I was a rambunctious child, so it was a choice between a roller hockey clinic or gymnastics. My dad is a football coach so he didn’t want to do the gymnastics thing, and it just kind of took from there.

UWBadgers.com: Did you play any other sports when you were growing up?
Ammerman: I played soccer and softball, but hockey was my first love. I never got sick of it no matter how much I played it.

UWBadgers.com: What do you think makes the WCHA such a special league?
Ammerman: Every game we play is super competitive, no matter if we’re playing the first-place team or the last-place team. We have to be ready to play every weekend. I think it makes us stronger for the tournament because I don’t think any team out east can compare to what we do on a weekly basis.

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