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Series Spotlight: Jordan Brickner on the WCHA Final Face-Off

<b>Senior defenseman Jordan Brickner</b>

Senior defenseman Jordan Brickner

March 7, 2013

MADISON, Wis. -- In preparation for this weekend's trip to the 2013 WCHA Final Face-Off, UWBadgers.com caught up with senior Jordan Brickner to get her take on the Wisconsin's matchup against North Dakota in the semifinals.

Q: How does the team prepare for possibly two games against two different opponents?

Brickner: We’re just focusing on our first game, because from now on it’s single-elimination. We’re focused on North Dakota and we’ve watched their film and practiced against how they tend to play. So hopefully we win this first one, and they we can worry about the next opponent.

Q: With the format of the playoffs being single-elimination from here on out, is there any added sense of urgency with each game?

Brickner: Definitely. Like I said, we’re just focused on the game against North Dakota. We know that if we don’t win that it might be the end of our season and nobody wants that. We’re all fired up and ready to go.

Q: The Lamoureux twins are such a big part of North Dakota’s game plan, what are some ways Wisconsin can limit their effect on the game?

Brickner: The biggest thing is definitely just being aware of when they’re out on the ice. We know their skill, we know what they’re going to bring, we just need to shadow them and have someone with them no matter where they are.

Q: How does playing on a neutral rink affect your game?

Brickner: It’s different than being at home, because we have such a great fan base, but it’s nice that we have played her before. We know what to expect from the rink, it’s a little bit smaller than LaBahn Arena, but it definitely helps that we’ve already had two good games here earlier this season.

Friday's semifinal against UND starts at 4 p.m. at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis. Saturday's championship game will start at 7 p.m. Fans can follow the action over at the Women's Hockey Gameday Live Page.

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