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Badger Breakaway with Brittany Haverstock

ON WISCONSIN <b>Junior defenseman Brittany Haverstock</b>
Junior defenseman Brittany Haverstock

March 2, 2011

MADISON, Wis. – UWBadgers.com caught up with junior defenseman Brittany Haverstock (Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia) in this week’s segment of “Badger Breakaway,” where the UW women’s hockey players share some of their favorites on and off the ice.

No. 1 Wisconsin (32-2-2, 24-2-2-2 WCHA) travels to Minneapolis for the 2011 WCHA Final Face-off this weekend. The Badgers face No. 4 seed North Dakota (20-12-3, 16-10-2-0 WCHA) in Friday's first semifinal, set for 4 p.m. at Ridder Arena.

UWBadgers.com: Do you play any other sports? How did you choose hockey?
Haverstock: I played a bunch of sports growing up. I played volleyball, soccer, baseball – those were the three main ones in addition to hockey. Hockey was simply the one that I loved. I loved playing all sports, but especially hockey. When I came to the rink, there was a bigger smile on my face.

UWBadgers.com:  What has this season been like for you so far?
Haverstock: It’s been a great season so far. It’s always nice when you can make it this far into the season and win your first playoff games. I know, looking back at last year is a little disappointing, so to come out strong this year is really good. We have great team chemistry.

UWBadgers.com: What’s your pregame routine?
Haverstock: I wouldn’t say there is one specific thing that I always do. I usually listen to music and sit out by the rink, but nothing really specific.

UWBagders.com: What is your favorite practice drill?
Haverstock: Definitely oil springs. It’s one where you can skate as fast as you can to the other end and take a quick shot. It’s easy and it’s fun.

UWBadgers.com:  What is your favorite arena to play in away from home?
Haverstock: Ridder Arena. I think the atmosphere there is really nice. It’s not one of those huge rinks. It’s always a really exciting time, and it’s always a great game every time we play there.

UWBadgers.com: What is the one thing you love most about Madison?
Haverstock: I like the people and everyone that makes up the university. Everyone is incredible here.

UWBadgers.com: What’s one thing you take with on every road trip?
Haverstock: My blanket.

UWBadgers.com: What is your favorite pregame meal?
Haverstock: Chicken stir-fry.

UWBadgers.com: Who is the toughest competitor on the team?
Haverstock: I would say Brianna Decker. She is so fierce and intense.

UWBadgers.com:  What is your favorite memory off the ice with the team this year?
Haverstock: I always love our team activities that we do in the beginning of the year, the first time that we all come together.

UWBadgers.com:  What is your best hockey memory?
Haverstock: Winning the national championship my freshman year.

UWBadgers.com:  What is your major and what do you hope to do with it?
Haverstock: My major is Sociology, and I hope to work with Nike in the future.

UWBadgers.com: Who is the funniest player on the team?
Haverstock: It’s a toss-up between Meghan Duggan and Carla Pentimone. I’m not sure.  

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