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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Bemidji State



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Wisconsin Postgame Quotes
Wisconsin vs. Bemidji State
Dec. 8, 2013
LaBahn Arena - Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Mark Johnson
Thoughts on the game against Bemidji State:
"I think similar to Friday, I thought we were pretty consistent for three periods. And certainly with the victory, as I told the team after the game, we're very impressed with the first half of our season. As we enter into finals and kids get to go home and spend a little time with their family over vacation, they're happy with where we are."

On everyone contributing today:
"It was good. I mean, we talked about before the game, coming back with some energy in the opening period, we got a lot of people involved and everybody seemed to make some kind of contribution. Certainly Molly Doner scored a goal. When you get that contribution from different people at different times, it becomes much more difficult to play against when other groups of the teams have that going on. But it was good, everybody's gotta feel good about their effort today. Everybody got to play and everybody worked up a good sweat, so it was real nice."

On the importance of a series sweep before the break:
"It was good, we played six straight road games. We did very well and to come back, it's probably easy to feel good about yourselves and put the time and energy and effort into having success, but again, we had six good periods. Anne made a great save on our power play, shorthanded situation and we came back and scored a goal. So there's different points in the game where things turned and that was certainly one of the turning points early in the process. I was very happy with the way we played." 

On the importance of Madison Packer to the team:
"Well, she's like a lot of people, kids that have the ability to put points up, if you're doing that, again, if you get to three, four or five, your chances of winning are pretty good whether it's at our level or any level of hockey. The more people you have contributing, the better off you are. In regards of trying to doing that over the course of the game, but she had two good games, had a good weekend, so hopefully we can continue that as we start out second half in early January."

On special teams lately:
"It didn't look like a very pretty power play the first minute or whatever of it. In fact, it looked pretty ugly, but all of a sudden you get the puck in the offensive zone and you get pucks to the net and it gets tipped and all of a sudden you get a power play goal. Statistic-wise it looked pretty impressive but if you look at the whole power play it wasn't. That's what happens. The opportunity with the power plays is that you try to create chances. Our first one actually looked pretty good but we came away with nothing. So it just needs to be effective and certainly when you have good goaltending that Anne is giving us and Alex is giving us, the penalty killing is going to be pretty high percentage-wise because you're best penalty kill is going to be your goaltender."

Freshman goaltender Ann-Renée Desbiens
On how the game went against Bemidji State:
"I think our team played really well. Like today, the best defense is the offense, I think that's what happened today. We spent a lot of time in their zone."

On whether or not she felt pressure with Rigsby out:
"I don't think so. I think it's more fun, just a chance to play two days in a row. So I just take that as an experience to grow and be better every game, and that's my goal. And I think I improved from the first to the second game today."

On if there were any changes from Friday to today:
"I don't think so. You have bad days and better ones, so today was a better one I think. We played well, we did an amazing job today. Just keeping the shots from the outside and clearing rebounds. Our team did an amazing job." 

On the team congratulating her on the ice after the game:
"It's very nice to have all of them cheering and celebrating a big sweep this weekend. So we're like all very happy. Now we're just going to go back do homework like normal students, go to school tomorrow. But I will say it's nice to end the weekend like this."

On whether or not there were any moments where she became panicky today:
"I don't think so. I was in the zone today, so with my defense in front of me clearing rebounds and letting me see the puck. I wasn't panicking, I was pretty calm. I'm proud of myself for that." 

Senior forward Madison Packer
On the overall game:
"I thought it went well. I thought we played well. From the beginning, I thought we did a good job of learning from what didn't go well on Friday and bouncing back and starting fast from the start."

On her key to success this weekend:
"My teammates, I had a lot of people come up to me in the men's game yesterday and congratulate me on scoring a hat trick. But if you watch the game, it could've been anyone. Two of those goals hit me in the foot, honestly, so my teammates were moving the puck well. Courtney (Burke) sees the ice so well and four of the six points I have this weekend, her name is attached to them, too. She's seeing the ice well and I love playing with her. She's moving me the puck and everyone's moving well, getting open and that's all a part of it." 

On her goal and assists:
"On the assist at the end of the game, it was a two-on-one I think with some people coming back. And I was thinking in my head `If I shoot I can score and have another hat trick,' but Harding was wide open, it was a good play, she went hard to the net. She's been grinding all weekend and basically I knew all I had to do was slide over and she could tap it in. It was a good pass by Corey to stretch the ice and send us down on a two-on-one.

The other goal was kind of a fluke to be honest. The first goal, it tipped off the defenseman's stick, so it wasn't as nice of a shot as it looked like. I shot the puck, it tipped off their D and it went in. The first assist, Courtney Burke shot the puck, hit my stick, hit someone else then went in, so we're getting dirty goals, hopefully we can get them as we roll into some other series coming up."

On the first half of the season:
"I think that we are right where we want to be. We're in second place, obviously it would be nice to be in first, but at the end of the day that doesn't really matter. We've had a good start to the year. I think we'd like to have had a couple minutes from a couple games up in Duluth and North Dakota back, but we did what we could on the road. I think that we've done a good job of taking care of games at home. We're looking forward to playing the three teams that have beaten us or tied us. We played them in their barn, so we're looking forward to them having to come here and play us. I think that we've learned from every game that we've played. I mean, you've watched us play today and Friday, we're finally clicking the way we want to click."

On the team's confidence with the goaltending that the Badgers have:
"That's awesome. Coach touched on it, you don't want to rely on your goaltender too heavily. We did that a little bit up in Duluth and Alex Rigsby got hurt and we kind of deflated. She played huge, she played in her head for seven minutes going into the third period, so we definitely know that we have it, but we don't want to have to rely on it. But it's good. Hats off to her for working hard in practice and basically being ready for any minute to get the call up. It's tough to play behind a goalie like Rigs all year and props to Ann-Renee for sticking with it, she's the first one on the ice at practice and the last goalie off, so she's doing a lot of goaltenders and she's a great goaltender as you can see. It's good for us." 

On what it was like to hear the fans cheering for her today:
"It's fun. It's nice. It's fun, I think that fans don't always know hockey, they sometimes cheer for the wrong reason. I think they were cheering because I had a lot of points, so it's good, it's good to create energy in our own building no matter how it's happening. But hopefully with our home stretch in the second half of the year we can get them cheering for a few other people too."

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