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Post-game Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Minnesota State



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Postgame Quotes

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota State
Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013
LaBahn Arena, Madison, Wis.

Redshirt junior Brittany Ammerman:

On being back on the ice...
I think having that exhibition game against Team Japan allowed me to get my feet wet--a lot like the freshmen. I think that game really prepared me for this weekend. I always like playing a team like Minnesota State to start the season off. I had great line mates this weekend and we had a good power play and penalty kill. All around our team did well.

UW Head Coach Mark Johnson

On getting the season started...
It's similar to after last night's game. We gather more information as we play and certainly it was a short turnaround starting at 3 today for our younger players, to see how they were going to handle that situation. We had a little bit of adversity in the third period. They almost tied the game on us, but we came back and responded well. It's nice to win obviously, but more importantly we can come back Monday now and start to become a better hockey team. You have to start at the starting line and that's what we did this weekend, and now we start moving forward to the finish line. As we go along we'll try to correct some things this weekend and try to improve and get ready to go up to Minnesota this weekend.

On gaining momentum after taking timeout...
If you've seen women's hockey there's no comfortable leads. Certainly in a lot of sports, especially hockey, with a 2-0 lead you're never comfortable because it can change quickly. You get a goal and all of a sudden you get excited. We ended up taking three penalties in the third period, so you play six minutes shorthanded. Having Alex back there, she made two great saves to keep it 2-1. Sarah comes down and snaps one to make it 3-1 after we killed their power play off. The momentum switched back into our favor at that point. That's part of the game. They're here to compete and they don't want to lose. It's an early learning opportunity for our team.

On power play...
We got a nice power play goal to give us a 2-0 lead. It's early in the process and we haven't had a lot of live competition on it. The big thing is to try and create some opportunities, try to create some scoring chances. If you're able to do that, it creates energy even if you don't score. There's a lot of parts to it--moving parts--and we just have to continue to work on it. If you're able to score like we did today, it helps a lot.

On Brittany Ammerman stepping into goal scoring role...
We're going to score by committee. No different from what we saw today. If we're going to get three, four, five goals, it's going to have to come from multiple people. If you're able to establish that and get some kids to play with that type of confidence you'll be more difficult to defend. Obviously special teams--power play and penalty kill--are going to be important. And getting contributions by different people. When Sarah Nurse scores that's good. When Blayre scores a shorthanded goal that helps us out. And certainly Brit had a great weekend. Get some confidence in the younger players and hopefully by doing that we become more of a threat as we go throughout the season. But it's so early.

On freshman stepping up...
They played well. Channell did a great job in both games on the blue line. She looked like a veteran out there in a lot of situations. We were able to dress Jenny Ryan today and spot shift her, so now she got herself some live competition. They seem to be comfortable out on the ice, which is a good early sign. Sometimes the younger players are nervous and it takes them a while, but for most of them they really got their feet wet this weekend.

On exhibition game vs. Team Japan preparing the team for this weekend...
Anytime you get competition against an opponent it's going to help you. The thing that I'm happy about is that now we have some footage. I came in this morning and watched some of yesterday's game and we'll come back Monday and do the same thing for today's game. The kids can start to grow by watching themselves in situations--whether they're good or whether they're learning opportunities.

On chippiness of weekend series...
You'll see that. Usually that second night, the team that didn't win the first night is going to be a little bit more hungry and energized because they know they want to at least get out of here with a split. You're going to see it and how the team that won the first night is going to respond to that.

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