My favorite holiday memory is ...

Dec. 27, 2013

MADISON, Wis. - We asked the Badgers what their favorite holiday memory is for a recent game program. Here are their answers as they celebrated the holidays with their families earlier this week.

Cassie Rochel: My favorite holiday moment was when I got a puppy when I was younger. I love animals and it was a total surprise! I will never forget seeing a baby yellow lab come across my kitchen floor!

Dakota Whyte: My favorite holiday memory was when all my family went to my aunt's house for Christmas and we all opened gifts together and then we were off to Jamaica the next day!

Shannon Malone: My favorite holiday memory is going to our neighborhood Christmas party on Christmas Eve with my family and all of our family friends. And my mom's cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

Taylor Wurtz: My favorite Christmas memory is receiving my Pistol Pete jersey from my dad! But other than that spending time with my family and enjoying Christmas brunch is my favorite!

Morgan Paige: My favorite holiday memory is gathering with the family at my grandparents' and participating in a white elephant celebration! We have a sweatshirt that has been passed in the family for over 20 years and the anticipation of who is going to get it, makes the game even more exciting.

Jacki Gulczynski: My favorite holiday memory is taking family naps on Christmas Eve and then sitting around the Christmas tree as a family. My brothers and I would exchange one gift with each other and we would all sit around the fire drinking egg nog.

Carly Truesdale: My favorite Christmas memory is every Christmas Eve my family hosts a huge Christmas party. It is my favorite Christmas memory because every year it is the one time I always get to see and catch up with all of the close friends and family of ours that we don't get to see.

Tessa Cichy: When we would be in my Nana and Poppa's house Christmas Eve and we would come back from church and my cousins and I would chase Santa (Uncle Pete) around the house. Until one year my cousin Nick caught Santa and ripped his beard off only to discover Uncle Pete.

Daria Kryuchkova: My favorite Russian holiday is in New Year`s eve! For us Russians, it is such a big deal, it is pretty much identical to America's Christmas. We exchange presents (well Santa Claus brings them but we call him Ded Moroz, also his granddaughter Snegyrochka comes with him), put up the Christmas tree, eat bunch of scrumptious food, sing songs, observe gorgeous fireworks etc.

We celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7, which is strictly church holiday and if you Russian Orthodox, like me and my family for example, you would go to church in the morning and attend the service. There is no exchanging gifts or stuff like that. You just praise God that Jesus Christ was born. 

So my favorite memory holiday associated with New Year's Eve, is when I was little, my mama, grandma, grandpa and me would celebrate New Year by sitting at the dinner table together. We would have plethora of delicious dishes cooked by grandma and mom.

After the president`s speech on TV, the clock on the Red Square bombs 12 times, in the meantime adults drink champagne from tall crystal glasses and I enjoy my tarragon soda. Afterwards, I would unwrap the presents, best time ever.

Nowadays, I also enjoy every New Year`s Eve as long as my mom is celebrating it with me.

My favorite American holiday is undoubtedly Christmas! I love the atmosphere that comes along with it. This year I would enjoy my fourth Christmas in America. I guess my favorite memory would be the first one. I was in Dallas with my dear friends (two sisters from the junior college I attended) and their family.

Malayna Johnson: My favorite holiday memory is Christmas every year when my whole family is together.

Michaela Crall: My favorite holiday memory is going to California for Christmas when I was six. l got to see family that I don't normally see because they are so far away and I had a lot of fun with them!

Nicole Bauman: My favorite memory is going to my grandma's house for Christmas and finding the pickle on the tree

Michala Johnson: My favorite holiday memory is going to my grandma's house a couple days before Christmas and waking up early Christmas morning to open gifts. This is my favorite memory because I love waking up and opening gifts with my whole family on Christmas day.

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