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Off the court with Kelly Supernaw

ON WISCONSIN <b> Junior guard Kelly Supernaw </b>
Junior guard Kelly Supernaw

Dec. 13, 2011

 A Delavan, Wis., native, Kelly Supernaw returned to the Badger state following her freshman year at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minn.

What made you want to return to Wisconsin?

I returned to Wisconsin because I knew that it was the best fit for me. When I was given the choice to come back to Wisconsin after a year in Minnesota, it was a no brainer. I missed the Wisconsin atmosphere, cows and cheese too much. I gladly took the opportunity to transfer and am definitely trying to make the most of it.

What does being a Badger mean to you?

It means everything. Growing up in Wisconsin, I would watch the older kids become Badgers and would look up to them. It became a dream when I was little and I am incredibly thankful that I have gotten to become one of those older kids who younger ones can look up to. 

How is being a Badger a part of your family tradition?

I would say about half of my extended family, as well as both my parents, attended UW-Madison, so I have been coming up for all sorts of sports games, mostly football, as well as just hanging around the campus ever since I was little.

Being a Badger is a pretty big deal to my whole family, so making the choice to go to Wisconsin and follow by the bright shining light of the moon was pretty simple.

When did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball from the moment I could start to run around. I would go outside with my dad and older brother and try to play with them.

I started playing organized basketball when I was in kindergarten. And when I say organized basketball, I mean that a bunch of us five and six year old kids would run around with the ball (literally) and attempt to make baskets so we could win our games with an average score of 4-2.

Who has had the biggest impact on your playing career? 

I would say my dad definitely had the biggest impact on my playing career. He is the one that would get me outside or in the gym and rebound for me, give me advice, and really anything I could ever ask. He would go out of his way to make sure I was always working hard.

It is funny now that I look back at it. We would bicker all the time about putting in the work and commitment to improving my game and sometimes I would get so frustrated. However, if it wasn’t for him always pushing me and always being on my case about putting in the work, I would definitely not be where I am at today. Thanks, dad.

How has your family supported your basketball career?  

My family has been way more than supportive in my basketball career. My parents and brothers would drop everything just to take me to practices, camps, tournaments—you name it. They were, and still are, completely selfless and want the best for me.

Is your family able to attend any games? If so, do they ever do anything to embarrass you?  

Absolutely. My family is my biggest fans! My parents attend just about every home game and close away games. My brothers also make it to the games when they can.

My family, mainly my two brothers, loves to embarrass me. I remember last year my younger brother would continually make the Chewbacca noise (from Star Wars) and my older brother would always yell to me when I would sit on the bench.

The one I remember best was last year when I sat out with a back injury. I had to sit very straight up (because of a supportive brace), and during a free throw my older brother yelled to me, “Number one, you have very nice posture!” Needless to say, my face was very red.

What are you enjoying the most about Coach Kelsey?  

The thing I enjoy the most about coach is her enthusiasm for the game and her work hard attitude. I love that she expects us to take our practices and games very seriously, but at the same time we all always have a laugh or two. She makes working very hard fun.

What is something new you have learned from her? 

I have learned the finer details of playing the game from coach. When I play and watch others play now, I think more about the little things that will make a good play, such as the angle of screens, foot positioning and so on.

What are you looking forward to this season? 

I am looking forward to seeing our hard work pay off. We have been putting in the time and effort all summer and fall, and I cannot wait to see our team grow because of it.

What makes Madison special?

The atmosphere. There is something about the feeling you get just from walking around the campus that makes it special. Between the sports games, beautiful campus, and social scene, there is always something for everyone.

Any last words?
As my dad would say, “Don’t hang on the rim!”

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