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New offense, newcomers and team unity

ON WISCONSIN Alana Trotter
Alana Trotter

Dec. 9, 2009

MADISON, Wis. - In each Badger Gameday program, tri-captains Teah Gant, Alana Trotter and Anya Covington as well as junior Tara Steinbauer give you an inside look at the UW women's basketball program.

In this segment, written by Trotter for an earlier game program, she writes about the year-round nature of the sport as well as how the newcomers are fitting in with the team.

Hey Badgers fans!

We are off to a great start after winning our season opener against North Dakota and beating UW-Milwaukee on the road. It’s always exciting when it’s game time because that’s when we get to put everything together and play against someone other than ourselves.

Even though basketball is a seasonal sport it’s really year-round for us. Prior to the season we go through an intense pre-season with individual workouts with the coaches and tiring lift and conditioning sessions with our strength coach.

During the post-season, we continue to improve on our skills and keep our cardio up by having workouts five days a week. And when the summer rolls around we are still in the gym and the weight room; but when we aren’t, we take every moment we get to relax and soak in the sun.

The summer is our “break” (notice the quotes? lol). Because we do so much training outside of games, when official practice and games finally come around there’s a lot of excitement.

There was a lot of energy and excitement before our first official practice of the season. Even before we got on the court, people were jumping up and down, giving each other fives as we waited for the men to finish so we could start our season off right.

We have some great additions to our team: three freshmen and one transfer.

To start, Caity is a great shooter. She also is a hard worker and doesn’t let frustration get to her. She’s very coachable and handles criticism well, which is a very good quality to have in college athletics. Keep up the hard work Miss Caity!

Now, Taylor…where do I start? She is too funny! Even though she doesn’t always make sense she has me cracking up!. “Tay” (one of her nicknames) is also a hard worker who lives and breathes basketball. If we ever have to find her, we know to look in the gym first as she spends hours working on her game. Way to come in and make a statement as a freshman Tay!

Tiera is a transfer from Louisville who joined us in September. Since I am also a transfer, I know what it’s like to start over at a new school and basketball program. It can be tough. But she fits in very well and is always smiling. I’m glad she’s here because now I’m not the only one getting yelled at to stop singing haha! (We aren’t the best.) Tiera is a great basketball player and is doing well running the scout team to help us prepare for our upcoming opponent. You don’t want to fall asleep guarding her because she’ll whip right past you. That girl is fast!

Our latest addition is Aly who recently joined the team. One thing about this team is that we work hard and Aly does the same. She also helps run the scout team. Welcome to the Badger family Aly!

We also have a new offense that gives us more freedom to just play. Everybody has different strengths and this offense gives us the ability to display them. Because it’s new it takes awhile to put the pieces together but when we do it’s going to be a nice picture!

Every season the team looks a little different as we lose seniors and gain newcomers but our “team unity” theme remains constant. This is my third year here and I can honestly say that this team is my second family. We spend so much time together that we form such tight binds. You’d think that we’d get sick of each other. Well, sometimes we do but we’re human! Nonetheless, we are a close-knit team and I am very lucky to have them, especially because they make me laugh—sometimes a little too loud but that’s okay!

We are very lucky to have this experience and even though it consumes much of our day and can be tiring mentally and physically, it is definitely worth it. This experience only lasts four years; it feels like yesterday that I was a freshman. But the time goes by fast and soon I’ll be in stands supporting the next generation of Badgers. But for now, it’s time to make history and take this program to another level!

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for all the support and catch us in our next home game this Sunday!

Go Badgers!

Alana Trotter aka “A Trot” #15

P.S.–Many of you know that I have an interest in medicine. That partly stems from my fascination of the body. Just to prove how incredible our body really is, I’m going to leave you with what I like to call “A Trot’s Fun Fact.” If we add up all the time we spend blinking, we spend about half an hour a day, which adds up to five years of our life with our eyes shut while we are awake. Crazy, huh?

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