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Meet assistant coach Jayme Callahan

ON WISCONSIN <b>New assistant coach Jayme Callahan wants to travel to Africa some day.</b>
New assistant coach Jayme Callahan wants to travel to Africa some day.

June 21, 2012

MADISON, Wis. – For new assistant women’s basketball coach Jayme Callahan, if she’s not doing something related to basketball, she’s probably watching reality TV. The St. Louis native admits that reality TV is her secret addiction – that and singing!

Callahan joined head coach Bobbie Kelsey’s staff just a week ago but she’s already hit the ground running as the Badgers’ new recruiting coordinator.

Read all about the newest member of the Badger coaching staff.

Nickname: Cally

Birthdate: March 19

Hometown: St. Louis (from the Lou and I’m proud Nelly voice)             

Family members: My mother is Sandy and I have one brother Matt. Matt is married to Sharon and they have almost three children – Finn (cutest little guy ever!), Veda and another nephew to be born in a week.

Family members who competed in college or professional athletics: My brother played soccer at Southwest Missouri State and semi-professionally with the Cincinnati River Hawks.

Hobbies/Interests: I love grilling out with friends/family

Do you do any volunteer activities? I volunteer all the time with schools. My favorite would be anything really helping people especially children

Why did you decide to coach at the University of Wisconsin? Great people, beautiful campus and city, support in the community, and of course, the FANS!

Favorites - Movie: Miracle; TV Show: anything reality or ESPN; Book: anything inspirational, right now reading Energy Bus; Car: don’t really have one; Athlete: Michael Jordan; Basketball Player: Michael Jordan; Sports team: da Bulls a long time ago! Ha ha

Most memorable basketball game: When I was coaching at Webster University, my team won a game at the buzzer on New Year’s Eve.

The people who have influenced me most in my sport are: Dan Rolfes (coach growing up), Maryanne mitts and Rhonda Hubbard (College coaches), Jeff Williams/Ty Evans (mentors) and when I played, my teammates

Dream as a coach:  To win a national title

How would you describe your coaching style? Energetic, teacher, passionate

Before each game, I: pray

The best thing about the Kohl Center is:  the fans!

If I wasn’t a coach, I’ve always dreamed of being: Professional singer! Ha ha interior designer or wedding planner

If I could change one basketball rule, it would be: working out the players in summer

The best thing about Madison is: the city

One word that describes me: Energetic

My friends say I am: a good friend

Person most admired/role model: my mother

My most prized possession is: my family

I can’t live without: my family

My secret addiction is: reality TV

Weird thing about me that almost no one knows: not sure but if no one knows…that is probably for a reason!

If I could guest star in a TV show it would be? Oprah (when it was on daily)

If I could be a cover of a magazine it would be? Sports Illustrated

The best sporting event I ever attended was? Cardinals World Series game

You won’t catch me eating: Mushrooms

Nobody knows how much I love to:  Sing

Greatest Invention of the last 100 years:  This was over 100 years ago but planes

If I could live any place in the world, it would be: anywhere with all my family and friends

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world: Greece or Africa

If I could live in any time period, it would be:  1920s. I love the clothes-classic!

A non-athletic talent I have is:  Love to sing and dance

If I could meet three people from throughout history they would be: God, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln

If I had a million dollars: I would take care of my family first and then travel the world

If I could have one superpower, it would be: transport

My dream date would be: fly somewhere on a private jet ha ha

What are you most thankful for? God and family

What are you passionate about? Coaching and being a positive influence

My favorite websites are: basketball sites

My favorite quote or motto is: "If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. To believe you can is everything." Unknown

My worst habit: saying sorry all the time

My bucket list includes: Travel to Africa, have a family, go to a live SNL show

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