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Kelsey recaps win at Illinois and looks ahead in weekly press conference

<b>Head coach Bobbie Kelsey met with the media Monday.</b>

Head coach Bobbie Kelsey met with the media Monday.

Jan. 9, 2012

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MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin head coach Bobbie Kelsey reflects on Sunday's win at Illinois and looks ahead to Thursday's match up with Nebraska in this week's press conference.

Archived video of the media session is available through the link above, and a complete transcript of Kelsey's remarks can be found below.

Bobbie Kelsey: Finally, I can sit here and be happy about a win. It's a long time coming, but the kids really, even with the losses, they really are battling in every game, maybe not so much Penn State, because it got away from us, but we were close a bunch of times. We finally came out on top and I'm very proud of them.

QUESTION #1: You shot about 54 percent, something like that, yesterday, is that right?

KELSEY: Wow, yeah.

QUESTION #1: Did you? I think so. Let's see here.

KELSEY:  Yep, I think so.

QUESTION #1: Let me just check. Season high, yeah, 53.6 percent.

KELSEY:  Yeah, we did. We came out early and got a lot of layups. We're not known for running necessarily, but we showed them some clips of another team that ran on them, and our kids kind of said, okay, we can do that too, and they did it, and it worked for us. We made our layups, which is nice.

QUESTION #2: Not surprised they were converting at the rate that they did?

KELSEY: We just don't get that many, normally. So I'm not surprised. I know we can do it. We run every day in practice, and run full-court layups every day. So it's not something that is foreign to us, we just don't get a lot of opportunities because we're not as big inside and we don't get as many rebounds as we'd like to to get those layups. People get back, you know, transition defense is pretty good.

QUESTION #3: You kind of joked about this at the beginning, but how different was it waking up this morning, coming off a victory? Was the sun shining, the birds chirping a little louder, all of that?

KELSEY: A little louder, yes. More so for the kids, I think. For coaches, you know, this is our job. We have to figure out how to help them to win. But when you can't play, I played, so when you're sitting there and you just want to, God, if I had one more year of eligibility, I'd get out there and do something. But, coaches sit, and that's the hard part about coaching. You can't help them in the game necessarily, physically help them, but we do everything we can to prepare them for the game. When it comes to pass, in a good way, you're very happy for them.

QUESTION #4: Anya had 19 (points) the game before and then 18 against Illinois. What got into Anya Covington?

KELSEY: Sometimes players, the light turns on. I've always believed that she could have that kind of production on the offensive end. She's a very good shooter, very nice form. And she came in my office, and we talked. We had a little fellowship, so to speak, meeting, and she voiced some concerns, and I voiced some as well, and then she came out and showed it.

I said, don't tell me what you want to do, show me. The words don't mean anything. So if you want to be more aggressive and score on the block, do that. No one is holding you back from that. I think one game she didn't play as long as she wanted to, and so I explained to her why and then she got more aggressive. When she's aggressive, it helps us because Taylor (Wurtz) doesn't have to do all of the scoring. It's just hard for her. She needs help.

QUESTION #5: Seems like every week you just kind of play another top-ranked opponent too. What do you know about Nebraska? How difficult is this team? You know, obviously, they're new to the Big Ten in all sports.

KELSEY: Yeah, they're new to the Big Ten, but not new to me. I haven't, I don't think I've ever been with a team that's played them, but the run they had some years ago where they, went on this incredible run, they're very capable, and obviously their record shows that. But again, that's why you play the games. Anybody can be beat at any time. I know that on both ends.

And our kids are going to come out very confident. And these last two games has given us a lot of confidence to know we can come out and compete with anyone. We just have to be more aggressive. I'm looking for more aggression from them, in a smart way. I always tell them there's smart aggression and there's dumb aggression. Not lunging and getting out of position and losing your player, but also when you're on the ball, putting that pressure on the ball, like people do to us, and it's not very comfortable.

And so we have to do everything we can to help ourselves to get the ball more, because the more you have the ball, obviously the more opportunities you have to score . . . you will, but you can't score without the ball. So the ball means everything. We have to value it on both ends and not turn it over. We had 17 turnovers. I think we know we can do better than that, so. I'm just looking forward to keep continuing to have the kids improve in the games and in practice, just scrap. Whatever the outcome is, we can't control that, but we can certainly scrap and give it our all, and sometimes you do come out on the good end of that.

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