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Wisconsin vs. Purdue post-game quotes



Jan. 7, 2010

Box Score

Head Coach Lisa Stone Post-game Quotes
On what changed after halftime:
"We talked at halftime about our start. I thought we started the game with an unbelievable amount of energy. And the home court and our home fans certainly energize us and I thought we started the second half off with that same type of energy. We talked about having our second half defense be better than the first, and I thought it was solid. We got out to shooters, our doubles were strong; we turned it over a little bit late and got to the free throw line, which I know had everybody with their eyes closed, but we made free throws tonight. I'm really proud of our kids, they spent a lot of time in the gym capitalizing on free throws and this game was coming down to it once again and we got the job done."

On the juxtaposition of Purdue vs. Wisconsin's shooting percentages: "Oh, it was huge. When we're playing solid defensively and we can find scoring from a lot of areas, I thought were able to find some touches inside--Tara Steinbauer was magnificent in the first half. We went to Lin (Zastrow) to start the second half. Alyssa (Karel) again with foul trouble, we were still able to hang in there and then get her going in the second half. But I think Rae Lin (D'Alie) did a great job leading the charge, Teah Gant was much more aggressive offensively and defensively she was solid, but she gave us some offensive punch as well. Again, I'm so happy for our players and this gets us back on track, gives us confidence going into Sunday, but Michigan is a very, very good team as well."

On the performance of Wisconsin's starting lineup tonight: "It was awesome, and that's what we need. We need that start, that consistency and hopefully this will be some motivation for us for the future in terms of who we play. Getting scoring from a lot of different areas, we play collective team defense, we play collective team offense, and it's good to be home! I wish we could play them all here, but we're back at it on Sunday against a really good Michigan team, and again we want to take care of our home court, it's very important."

On returning home: "We had a heartbreaker the other night, but our team is very positive and they're together. This is a great group of young women and they've got a look in their eye--there's a swagger to them, and we've been looking for that for a long time. That's not cockiness, that's confidence. We're very confident in what we do defensively; fundamentally we're getting better offensively. We've still got some things to shore up, but we're getting better and that's the bottom line. We're proud of them.


Purdue Head Coach Sharon Versyp
On Purdue’s overall performance in the second half:
No energy, lack of intensity, no defense. We had never had a team shoot over 40 percent for the game and obviously Wisconsin shot 68 percent, which is an all-time high. We didn’t commit to defense tonight and I thought FahKara (Malone) K.K. (Houser) and Ashley (Wilson) really played hard. I can’t say anybody else really played hard. I think they made a good effort but we have to play hard every second in order to be very productive.

On Ashley Wilson’s overall performance:
She was aggressive. She doesn’t shoot the ball a lot but she is able to get on the offensive boards and get to the foul line and be 3-for-3. She got us going there for a while because she has such quick hands. Defensively, she had two or three steals when we really needed them. The players know that when she’s on the defensive end, she can cause havoc. So I just thought she played really solid. She did what she needed to do for her team tonight and played very hard.

On Alyssa Karel’s overall performance: They just killed us inside and out. It wasn’t just one player. We obviously said that Karel is a great player and great players separate themselves by making great plays. Karel was 9-for-11 (field goal percentage) and 3-for-4 (3-point percentage). She separated herself on the court. We talked about that. We got her in foul trouble in the first half, but they were able to get inside and score on our double team.

On the game overall:
It just comes back to our defense. You just look at the facts in second half. You give them credit because they knocked down shots. That was the biggest thing and playing on a Monday night, there’s no excuse; you have got to prepare. We were a little light on our legs the last two days and you just have to step up and play if you are going to perform. If you want to be a good team in the Big Ten, you have to perform.

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