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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State



Dec. 30, 2011

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

Opening statements:

For our first Big Ten game, I thought our kids played really hard. They came out with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and I’m proud of their effort and we just came up a little bit short. But we’re still learning and growing as this season goes on. But we are very proud of them, and we’re just going to keep working—continue to work hard on the things that we need to improve upon.

On what went right in the first half:

We were executing on the offensive end. We were doing what we need to do in defensive end. They’re a good team. They’re a very experienced group and they’re not undefeated for no reason. But our kids came out very confident and not intimidated by the score or what they’re record was or ranking or anything like that. You still gotta play the game and we’re never going to win if we’re intimidated. So we’re not worried about what someone’s ranking is. We just want to come out and show ourselves to the worthy opponent and make them take it if they want to win the game. 

On Ohio State’s 20-2 run in the second half:

Yah, that hurt us. We missed some shots—little bunnies—and they got the rebound and then we didn’t transition as well as we had practiced or as we should have. But we got some transition buckets as well, so we have to look at that and kind of improve on that and get some run-outs ourselves. But we definitely have to get back and stop the ball. And maybe they had somebody cherry picking, I’m not sure, but they’re fast. So even if they’re not, they’re pretty fast.

On Ohio State’s ability to score points in the paint:

It’s a combination. They did penetrate—at the end there they had some back door passes. It wasn’t really them posting up. You can’t give them everything they want. If you sit back, they’re going to shoot it. If they don’t they’re going to go around you. So you have to pick your poison, but if we make some more shots—even though they had 38 points in the paint—you still have a better chance of trying to win the game. We just missed some bunnies that may have turned the tide for us. I remember three sitting around the rim and just rolling right out. We got fouled on one of them and it didn’t go in. And then I think Taylor missed one—she had a good look. And maybe Ashley had a good look. But again, they weren’t trying to miss the layup, you just have to concentrate a little bit more and put it in.

On a change in Ohio State’s play during its 20-2 run:

They just got out really quickly off the rebound. A couple times we had three people under the basket and they leaked out. And really when you have one back, that’s hard when they’re great passers— great play makers. They’re going to hit the open player and they’re very creative in their scoring. Not just Prahalis but Hill is very creative and they’re just very creative players and they make the most out of their opportunities and they hit their layups, so that was the difference.


Ohio State Head Coach Jim Foster

 n what was different about the second half:

“I think (during) these games after exams and Christmas break, you have to re-acclimate yourself (to the game). We played four games in six days before the break and then we didn't play for eight or nine days. One thing you never lose sight of is the fact that the players are kids. You've got to get that same fire and energy into them (after the break), and I think it probably took us until halftime to do that. I thought that (the Badgers) executed well and did some good things and made their shots in the first half. I thought we toughened their defense up in the second half.”

On adjusting to the Badger bench in the first half:

“One of the things that they had going for them in the first half were players coming in off the bench. In the scouting report, you only show your team a certain number of players and a certain number of schemes. So kids coming in off the bench were doing things that they hadn't done, sort of catching us by surprise. I thought we adjusted nicely to that in the second half. We now knew who they were.”

On relying on the 3-point shot and their two leading scorers from time to time:

“We have two guards scoring a lot of points (regularly). We can't depend on those two every night to be on. You can't be hot every night. But we scored 77 points with those two (Tayler Hill and Samantha Prahalis) not playing as well as they had been, which is to be expected when you play the number of games that we've played. When we moved the ball in the second half, I thought we were very effective.”


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