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Postgame Quotes: Wisconsin vs. Green Bay



Dec. 23, 2011

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Wisconsin Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey 

On the first half being their best half all year:
"I think so, we executed our offense, we hit some shots and played defense. With a team like that, NCAA experienced team, I thought our kids didn't back down. They were ready to play, they weren't intimidated by them at all. The game plan worked in the first half, but again the game is 40 minutes not 25." 

On whether Green Bay's aggressive play in the second half affected their aggressiveness: 
"No, we just took it away from ourselves. We didn't do the same thing that we did in the first half. Why? I don't know, but it was the same players, the same thing their doing, it's nothing different. It's just we got away from our own game plan."

On if she sees Green Bay as a must win each year: 
"We've got to win all of them. I want to win all of them. I don't really segregate Green Bay.  They've had players come in there and they've traditionally been the better team. You know that's what they do. Again, if we could put two halves back-to-back together there'd be a different outcome, but we didn't. I don't look at them any different than anybody else. I know they're in-state and it's probably for bragging rights in the state, recruiting and all that stuff, but that doesn't mean anything to me, as far as having to beat them. We want to beat everybody."

Green Bay Head Coach Matt Bollant

Opening Statement:
"I'm really proud of our players; they stepped up in the second half, played Green Bay basketball, played really unselfishly and moved the ball. I thought Sarah's (Eichler) three to start off the second half was good, we were a little tight the first half. We didn't talk about it, but obviously the emotions of last spring and the emotions with the team, I think that affected us a little bit in the first half. And give Wisconsin credit, they came out early and were the most aggressive team the first half, no question about it. Taylor Wurtz played an unbelievable half, and they were physical, they got into us, and played really good basketball in that first half.

"I thought our kids responded the right way. One of the things we say is `keep enjoying the fight'. Teams are going to play with us for a while, but it's hard to play for 40 minutes because of the way we practice and how intense our kids are. I thought that showed in the second half, we wore them down a little bit. And then our `buzz' defense was a great change of pace, coach Divilbiss brought that. Just such a good defense and it helps us to be aggressive. At times when they were getting open looks against our man, we went to the `buzz' and I think it made us more aggressive.

"I think we did a good job adjusting, too. They were sending Wurtz to the corner and Julie (Wojta) and Sarah (Eichler) did a great job of knowing where she was at and creating some turnovers which was big in that second half. But for me coming in, I'm just really pleased for our players. We have amazing players. All my heart is about them. How do we help them, put them in a situation to win basketball games and have success. And it's just really fun to coach this team."

On their halftime talk and the `buzz' defense:
"I think it was mainly, let's be aggressive. Once we went to it and made a couple of adjustments in it, I liked the way it looked. One of the things we do in `buzz' is we make small adjustments and see how the other team adjusts to that. And if we like how it looks, we stay in it. It created some turnovers for us, and we kept doing it because it kept working. Obviously, we kept adjusting with what they were doing with Wurtz. They put her in the corner, we found her there. Then they put her in the high post and Lydia (Bauer) did a great job keeping the ball out of the high post. Our kids were really smart in how they made adjustments."

On how last spring affected this game:
"It's way bigger than one person. Our coaching staff all contributes, it's a community program. It's never been about one person since I got the job, since Kevin was there, since Carol was there. This is a community program, University program. I think it was all about our kids coming down and playing a Big Ten team. And maybe it caused us a little to be a little tight in the first half. We're all a village and we are all together trying to make it happen."


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