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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Eastern Illinois



Dec. 15, 2012

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Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey:

On a dominating performance today:

“Yes it was. We didn’t play up to the level that we’re capable of today. But it’s kind of disappointing in a way because we could do so much better. I’m always pushing for better. And I’m happy, I am. But when you’re trying to build something really powerful, you have to come out and pounce on people. You have to make them pay for showing up to the gym.”

On Jacki Gulczynski’s performance today:

“Well the sky’s the limit for all of them. Jackie put in some work and some time—others do as well—it was just her night to hit shots. And she came out ready to play. And I would say Tessa [Cichy] and Morgan [Paige] came out to play. The rest of them were asleep. I’m not sure if they need a cup of coffee or something to get themselves awake. But we’re proud of Jackie and her effort, and everyone came in and contributed in some way or another. Again, that’s what a team is all about.”

On what it’s like for a player to hit her first eight shots:

“I don’t know, because I’ve never hit eight shots. So I have no idea but I’m sure it feels really doggone good. I mean, her stat line is incredible. She had no turnovers, two blocks, three assists, 24 points, 13rebounds—four offensive. Perfect from the free throw line, 50 percent from the field. I mean, you can’t ask for more. Over 50 percent field goal and 50 percent from the three point line.”

On big second halves for Morgan Paige and Nicole Bauman:

“Well, I mean Morgan, her shot wasn’t going as much. But Nicole, wide open shots. I’ve never seen a player I had to beg to shoot. But again, I don’t understand some of the hesitation because I don’t restrict anybody from shooting. But take a good open shot, and Nicole had them.”

On having Badger alumni at the game and playing in the Field House:

“I think it was awesome. I really do. I think that obviously when you have people coming back and driving far to get here, this says a lot about them as alums and the program. You’re trying to reach out to them and let them know how important they are and how much we appreciate their contributions to the program. You know… those who played in the 50s, and you’re talking about not passing half court and wearing pinnies and writing numbers on their jerseys. And Title IX changed their lives and we’re the beneficiaries of it, but they’re the reasons why and we want to say thank you to them.”

On now taking to the road:

“Well, I mean you play wherever you’re scheduled to play. And you can’t play all your games here at the Kohl or in Madison, but again, we have to prove ourselves—it doesn’t matter where we’re playing—that we can play there and give ourselves a decent chance to win the game.”

“We have stuff to work on, we really do. Some of the things we were doing out there—we were not flowing. And maybe that’s a byproduct of being here too long. Maybe we need to get on the road.”


Sophomore Jacki Gulczynski:

You were hot right from the beginning; tell me what you were feeling out there:

“It was just pure excitement, to come in here and play in front of all of our alumnae and our fans in the field house.  Just a lot of high energy; no credit on myself it’s all on my teammates facilitating the ball and Tiera (Stephen) was giving everyone good chances to score.”


Two games, two double doubles, is this a new Jacki Gulczynski, what’s going on?

“It’s always been there and coach always talks to me about rebounding and how much heart you have to have just to rebound, so that’s been one of my main focuses this year and Bobbi (Kelsey) stresses that every day.”


What are some things you guys are keying up on for Green Bay?

“Green Bay is such a fun team to play; it’s a rivalry game. We’re going to have such a good time going up there to Green Bay to play them. We owe them one, they got us last time at home so we’re just going to go up there with a chip on our shoulder and do everything we can to win.”

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