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Postgame Quotes

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Box Score

Wisconsin vs. No. 24 Gonzaga
Dec. 10, 2013
Kohl Center - Madison, Wis. 

Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey 

On tonight’s game:

"We didn’t play our best ball tonight. It wasn’t a great game for us. We couldn’t hit a shot, and there was a lot of dribbling and going nowhere, but we’ll correct those things. We’ve got to get some ball movement and stop holding onto it. Not sure what that’s about, but we’ll watch it and make sure we correct that. Gonzaga’s a really good team. They’re battle-tested. They’re NCAA-tested, and we’re trying to get where they are. We could’ve played a lot better tonight. We had our opportunities. We didn’t take advantage of them."

On defensive pressure and the press:

"We’ve seen that before. That’s nothing new… That press—we’ve seen presses before, so that shouldn’t have bothered us as much as it maybe appeared to. We were just passing it back and forth instead of advancing it up the floor, and we should do a much better job with that, but for some reason we just kind of let it bother us. We’ve seen tougher presses than that."

On Gonzaga:

"They hit their shots. We didn’t. We had a cold shooting night. I mean, credit their defense, but I think we had some open ones we just didn’t hit. So it wasn’t like every shot was contested. We just didn’t hit the open ones. They have held opponents to low-scoring games and low-percentage shooting games, and we have as well. They just hit some more shots than we did, and they hit their free throws as well. We had to foul at the end, and they didn’t miss. This game is a learning one for us, but we can really gain a lot for this game. I thought we just didn’t get into a rhythm at any point in the game. It didn’t flow for us. It wasn’t easy for us like it has been in the past, and that really hurts you when you’re trying to beat a team of their caliber."

On Michala Johnson's foul trouble:

"It really hurt us. It really did. Mich (Michala) normally plays better defense than she did… She can play much better than that. I know she’s disappointed in her play, and it really does hurt us when she doesn’t get off to a good start because we depend on her. When you’re a top player, that’s the way it goes. You’ve got to show up and be ready to play. She had a tough night."

On the team's 3-point shooting:

"We all struggled from the 3-point line I think. Morgan (Paige) never goes 0-for. Taylor (Wurtz) struggled. She had several open ones, wide open. She never misses those, but she had a tough stretch there for a little bit and I know it was frustrating for her because she normally knocks those shots down."

On what she wants from her team in the last few non-conference games:

"We need to execute our offense better. I think we start just panicking when it breaks down, when we don’t get all the way through it. Everybody’s got to know it, in, out, backwards, forwards, every which way. Sometimes we look like we’re running around when we’re just trying to get in our spots. But we have to look at it as coaches, we’ve got to make sure we’re putting them in things they can actually run.

"A lot of the stuff we’ve run before, so it shouldn’t be any kind of difficulty, but sometimes it just looks strange to me that we’re not in the right spots and we’re getting a little bit more confused than we should. You know, you’re going to have games like this sometimes, but I would’ve liked to have seen us execute a little bit better. I think going into Big Ten, you have to really execute and make sure you’re using all your weapons and one person’s not dominating the ball. I think we held it too long. We didn’t move it, and they did, and that’s why they got open shots."

Gonzaga head coach Kelly Graves

Opening Statement:
“I’m very pleased with the entire road trip – two wins over two very good Big Ten teams. It’s quite an accomplishment for our basketball team. I give (Wisconsin head coach) Bobbie (Kelsey) a lot of credit. I tell you, she’s got a nice team. I’ve watched every game that they’ve played, and they’re going to win a lot of Big Ten games. I have a lot of respect for her and her team. I just thought in the second half we just made more defensive plays than they did. That was the difference.”

On where he feels that his team is as it prepares to enter conference play:
“We’ve got a little work to do. We’ve got a game at Stanford on Saturday, so it doesn’t get any easier. We always test ourselves like this in the non-conference season. We’ve already played Oklahoma as well.

“I like where we’re at. I like the way that we’re playing defense. I like the way that we’re getting contributions from lots of different players. I thought that made a difference in the second half. We’re deeper than they are, and I thought when Michala (Johnson) got in foul trouble, I thought that really hurt them. So depth has been one of our plusses. I like how we’re playing.”

On the big contributions of Jazmine Redmon and Danielle Walter:
“At the start of the year, the biggest question mark that I thought we had was at the point (guard spot). Jazmine (Redmon) played really well tonight. Her assist-to-turnover numbers are off the charts for the season. Jazmine had a career-high tonight 15 (points), played real, real well. The fact that she was looking to score and hit some big, big baskets (was great).

“Her backup, Danielle Walter, had a career-high 10 (points). Our point-guard position tonight was real solid, so if we can continue to get that kind of play out of those guys then we can be a pretty good team.”

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