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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Florida Atlantic



Dec. 10, 2012

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Box Score

UW Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey Postgame Quotes
Opening statement:
“Obviously we are very happy and proud of our team for pulling out a difficult win. Florida Atlantic is a very good team, very good shooters, very aggressive, can create their own shots, (and) have a nice post player on the block that can really power the ball up, she’s a very powerful kid.

“We had some people step up. Morgan (Paige) did her usual, Tiera (Stephen) really came through with points and assists, but Tessa Cichy was probably the key to us winning this game. If she didn’t step up, because Nicole was struggling, we don’t win this game. You never know with freshman, you just never know, but you pray, wish, hope, dream and convince them that they are very valuable to our team. Tessa is a very confident person and I know her parents are very proud of her watching her play.”

On having eight players and playing seven of them to get the win:
“They understand that we can’t worry about what we don’t have.  We must worry about what we do have. If we harp on who can’t play, they still can’t play and you’re still upset about it. So you have to move on from that, and let everybody who is available know that you have to then step up, be ready to play.

“You have to be ready to come in the game and do whatever it takes to have our team pull out the victory, and I think that they understand that. They are mature that way, and we try to convince them, psychology, that they can do it and we believe in them as coaches, and they buy into it. They do what we ask. They try their hardest and we make some mistakes here and there, but I can live with that because their effort is so good.

“We will correct the mistakes. You’d rather learn winning than losing, and we’ll correct the turnovers.  We’ll look at them, but I think with these two (Paige and Stephen) leading the way and having other people step up at timely points in the game, I thought that Jacki (Gulczynski) played a tremendous game. Everybody helped, everybody did something to help our team.”

On what she told the players before the game:
“Before the game I gave them a boxing analogy, from the Pacquiao-Manuel fight, and (Manny) Pacquiao beat Juan Manuel (Marquez) four times already, but that sixth round, he was on the mat looking up, trying to figure out where he was. I told them, they are going to punch back too. We can’t do the rabbit ears and be on the ropes, we have to punch back.

“Teams are going to make runs. We’re going to have our little runs, they are going to have runs, but what we have to do is stay off the mat, punch back and give some resistance the other way and make them feel like, ‘Hey we have to get on them too.’ If you do that you give yourself a chance to win. That doesn’t mean you’re going to win, but at least you feel good about your effort and you just make a stronger effort the next time.

“We can learn from this game, good and bad, good and ways that we can improve. But I’m very proud of them, I really am. I can’t say enough about their effort, all of them. Every day in practice, every time we ask them to do extra, come up and watch video, get in extra shots, meet with coaches, come voice your concerns, your whatevers, they know we are here for them. That is our sole purpose for being here, for them.

On playing without players do to injury:
“We don’t worry about that. We just press on with who we have. And it’s a credit to them as players, because sometimes players look around and see this one out and that one out, and think we are going to lose, but they don’t do that. Not to me anyways, I can’t see it. They look very confident.

“That just shows how they just persevere through the adversity. Their experience here, this year and on through, they’re going to look back at these times and say, ‘Hey we can do it.’ These games are going to help us win or loss. This game would have helped us. We’re just glad we won.”

Florida Atlantic Head Coach Kellie Lewis-Jay Postgame Quotes

Opening Statement:
“I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Wisconsin. They made plays down the stretch when they had to. We had our opportunities, but we had three missed layups in a row—two in regulation and one towards the end of overtime. We were unable to make those plays and Wisconsin came down and they executed and they scored.

“They get a lot of credit. They deserved to pull out that win. It was a fun environment for us to come to, it was great to be on the Big Ten Network and I know our kids enjoyed it. Hopefully we represented Florida Atlantic well.”

On what the key to her team’s comeback late in regulation was:
“We have a motto with our team this year - we want to put the pressure on and we want to see those effects at the eight-minute mark of the second half. That’s kind of what we live by. At that eight-minute media timeout we looked up and said ‘Okay, this is our time.’ That’s usually what our goal is and that’s usually when we try to make our run, and we try to do it defensively. We did what we wanted to do and we put ourselves in a position to win it.”

On whether Wisconsin’s short bench tonight made their pressure defense more effective:
“You would think that, but those seven players that played were tough. You look at the pressure that we’ve been putting on people, and to have those seven step up and handle it, I thought they did a great job. But that definitely was a goal of ours. We knew that they would not be able to be deep tonight and we had to try to wear them out.”

On Breana Turner bouncing back from missing a pair of layups to hit the go-ahead shot in regulation:
“She did (bounce back). She’s a tough kid. She plays hard. She’s a competitor and she wants to have a great senior year. We ask a lot of her and she responded tonight with the 25 points. You can’t ask for much more than that. It would have been nice to have 27.” 

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