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Postgame Quotes

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Wisconsin vs. Boston College
Dec. 5, 2013
Kohl Center – Madison, Wis.

Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey

On tonight’s game:
“We’re very excited about this win. We have a tough stretch here coming up and we needed this first one to really get us going and just to show that fight again, that we came out on the good side of the fight this time. We’re very proud of the whole team. We practiced hard and we had a game plan. That team is very good. We needed to take care of our business as far as the Big Ten/ACC Challenge was concerned, and we did our part, I’m not sure what everybody else is doing but we did our part and I’m very happy for these guys up here, they played hard.”

On Tessa Cichy’s performance tonight:
“She brought a lot of fight, a lot of energy. Tessa is a very smart player. She understands what to look for and she uses her brain more so than her physical part of her game, but she’s a very good shooter and knows when to take shots and when not to. She knows where to get the ball, and we needed that, especially off the bench. Without her, we probably don’t win this game because they probably weren’t counting on her to have the game she had.”

On taking the momentum in the second half:
We were trying different things and we don’t normally play that way but you have to adjust. This is what the game is about. This is the scheming part, this is the fun part, when you can maybe out-scheme the other team but it takes people understanding and being able to switch things on the fly. We didn’t practice that zone, that was just people talking and pointing, and that’s what talking and directing can do. Tessa was just back there being the director, that’s her thing and we are grateful for that because that’s what really worked for us.”

 On the team’s next game against Marquette:
“It’s a game of momentum. Marquette is a formidable opponent as well. They’ve done well in their games. But we feel like any game we go into we have an opportunity to win the game if we do what we are supposed to do and follow our game plan, make adjustments and be able to match the intensity and the energy because that’s a big part of it too. Your have to be ready at all times, and that’s what these guys have been good at, and we’re just going to keep scheming one game at a time. Our season is the next game, and that’s it. 

Boston College head coach Erik Johnson

Opening Statement:
“I was impressed with Wisconsin. Going into this game, I knew that they had a good basketball team and coach (Bobbie) Kelsey has done a great job. Clearly they’ve got a few more pieces to the puzzle this year. We’re both in the situation where we’re building a program, so it’s nice to see our program growing and their program growing. (Kelsey) and I go way back, just being assistant coaches at different programs, so I knew that we had our hands full tonight.

“The hope is that you can reduce some of their best players. Obviously (Jacki) Gulczynski didn’t have a great game, and we were able to survive early. But (Taylor) Wurtz and (Michaela) Johnson were phenomenal all game, and we never adjusted real well. Those guys went to work on us. The stat that I saw was that (UW) had 42 points on us in the first 30 minutes of the game, and then scored 32 points in the last ten minutes of the game. Clearly when they got it going it was just like the floodgates opened. Unfortunately, partly that was our defense, part of that was they were on fire. We coughed the ball up a few times, had a couple uncharacteristic travels. When you do that against a quality team on the road, that’s a good formula to get yourselves beat.

“The credit really has to go to Wisconsin. They defended us well, they made our shooters have to work, they adjusted their defense – they played differently from the way they’d been playing – and I’m not surprised. They had a good game plan. Coach Kelsey’s a great coach. Again, I’m impressed and they’re going to have a really good season.”

On how UW fought back after BC had used a big run to take a 10-point lead:
“If you want to talk statistics, coming in I think she (Tessa Cichy) was 2-for-14 from the field and 0-for-3 from 3-point range, and she goes 4-for-5 (from the field), hits three ‘threes’, makes her foul shots, has three assists and no turnovers. You can’t ask for a better lift off the bench than that. We were making sure that we were getting to (Morgan) Paige and (Taylor) Wurtz, so she got some looks. But it wasn’t like we left her wide open. That gave them some momentum, and Paige hit a back-breaker three on the fast break.”

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