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Postgame quotes: Wisconsin vs. Marquette



Dec. 5, 2012

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Head Coach Bobbie Kelsey Postgame Quotes
Opening Statement:
“Obviously we’re very excited about the win. I almost lost it for us (with her late technical), but I’m a young coach so I’ve got to learn when to be quiet—it’s not one of my strong suits. But we’re very, very, very proud of the women on the team. They worked really hard to do what we were asking them to do. They work together, they get along, and I’m just so proud of their effort, their energy.

“This is so important for our team, because we can build on this. You’ve got to win some of these games to build on them. It’s not good to just say ‘We tried hard but you lost.’ You want to win them.

“Nicole (Bauman) hit some big free throws. I told her, ‘You can’t be a freshman. Your freshman season is over. That was over four games ago. You’ve got to be a sophomore now.’ She stepped up big with Dakota (Whyte) being out. Jackie (Gulczynski) stepped up huge. She had eight points at halftime, and I said, ‘Jackie, you have got to help us.’ That three was just (huge for us). I was going out of my mind, thinking ‘Please God, let this go in!’ I’m just proud of them, and it just shows what hard work and working together will do.”

On whether she feels like Bauman and Morgan Paige need to be her go-to scorers with Taylor Wurtz out:
“No. Everybody’s the go-to. Whoever’s hot is the go-to. Whoever’s open is the go-to. We don’t like to have that kind of terminology, because then it makes the other (players) kind of passive. That’s why we run the triangle, so everybody can have the opportunity to get the ball and do something with it. You spread people out, make their bigs come out and guard our players, and it worked for us.

“We had four players in double figures—that’s what I want. I don’t want one player with 30 points. It’s nice if it happens, but I want three more to get 15 (points). I like the balance of scoring. I don’t want just one person dominating the ball.”

On Cassie Rochel’s confidence level:
“You hear the confidence in Cassie. She didn’t have that last year. I’m very proud of her. She’s not aggressive by nature but she knows we need her to be aggressive. She came out of her comfort zone, even from the start of the season. Her confidence is just going through the roof, and we’re very excited for her and proud of her.”

On whether she’s ever had a freshman make a big of an early impact as Nicole Bauman:
“I’ve been other places where I’ve seen freshman really step up. And then, when they see that they can do it, they get excited about it and the confidence does continue to grow. With Nicole, Dakota and even Shannon (Malone) a little bit—it’s a little tougher for her because she’s in the post—they have skill sets that I can’t teach, no coach can teach.

“For Nicole to step up to the line as a freshman and hit two big free throws that we absolutely needed and not show any nervousness at all. Her demeanor is very calm. She was very quiet when she got here—I didn’t know she could talk and then eventually she did, and now she’s coming out of her shell. Being a freshman is hard because they don’t know where they fit in, they don’t know what their role is yet. But I told Nicole, ‘You have got to score for us.’ She’s a very good shooter.”

On Dakota Whyte’s injury:
“She just has a sore knee. We need Dakota Whyte, so we can’t take chances. If she’s sore and not feeling right, then we need to sit her out. She tweaked it earlier in the season, so I don’t know if it’s from that or something else. It’s her left knee. I wish I was a prophet. I don’t know (when she’ll be back). She has time to get back into it.” 

Marquette Coach Terri Mitchell Postgame Quotes

"I think tonight's game was everything that you would expect from an in-state rivalry. It was as full of passion and desire, two teams fighting down to the very end. Obviously we came up on the losing end of things but our players have nothing to hang their head about. They fought, they rebounded well, they did everything they could.

Yes, I give Wisconsin a lot of credit for the way they jumped all over us to start the game. The eight 3s they had in the first half, they definitely got in a rhythm and once we settled and responded, it was a chess match. It was a lot of fun to coach. It's a whole lot more fun when you win, but I don't walk out of here wondering about the hearts of my team. I know we're going to be all right and this is why you play these kind of games this time of year, so that you get ready for your conference in another month." 

On the play off the bench of Chelsie Butler:

"I thought she did an excellent job, she's been getting better every game. She's giving us production off the bench, rebounding and playing with passion. It was a choice at the end of the game with more of a 3-point shooting lineup and some guards, but I thought she definitely earned more minutes. She's working her way out because it's all about just a rhythm of eight or nine players. It's getting better and better and its great to see for a freshman last year who played somewhat limited, for her to be doing what she's doing is fantastic."

On the last plays of the game with 14 seconds to play:

"We ran both plays wrong. I guess that's the best I can say and it's the responsibility of the players to know those plays and we certainly talked about that when we got in the locker room." 

On playing Wisconsin without Wurtz and Whyte:

"I don't think it changes, we just hate injuries. We lost two players in a week, two weeks ago. We have a lot of respect for everyone that plays in Wisconsin. It didn't change at all how we prepared except that we felt extremely bad that a player of her quality is sitting out right now. It's unfortunate when you look across the country and see injuries are just hitting so many teams and you have to step up and be ready for the next players to get their roles."

Junior Katherine Plouffe on the team coming back at the start of the game:

"I think we came out of the first half down and that's something that we need to do is play a full 40 minutes from the start of the game. Though we were down, we scratched our way back and took the lead and it was back and forth until the end. That just shows that if we have a good start, we are capable of getting leads on teams and pulling through in the end. That's something that we are definitely going to work on in practice and continue on into our next game."



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